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TTC 2000 Limited
Hadley Park East,

Company Registration Number:  08446911

From our humble beginnings as a family run business in 1993, TTC 2000 Limited has grown to become a leading UK provider of Police and Court referred Road Safety schemes.  Our Head Office is located in Telford, Shropshire.

TTC 2000 Limited is a Licensed Provider for the National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme (NDORS), appointed by 14 UK Police Forces and Transport for London, to deliver NDORS services.

As the UK’s largest provider of Drink Drive Rehabilitation Scheme (DDRS) courses, we are the only organisation to be appointed by the Department for Transport (DfT), the Welsh Government and the Northern Ireland Department for Infrastructure.  TTC has been successfully delivering the Drink Drive Rehabilitation Scheme (DDRS) and Courses for Drink Drive Offences (CDDO) for 30 years.

TTC's Continuum platform is a cloud-based Driver Risk Management Solution offers real-time 24x7x365 delivery of driver & fleet risk data.  TTC supports commercial organisations in meeting their duty of care, harnessing the use of data intelligence and aggregation of multiple systems to help manage driver risk, whilst also achieving cost efficiencies.


Licence Bureau Ltd | TTC Group company

Licence Bureau Limited
Hadley Park East,

Company Registration Number: 04819897 

Licence Bureau Limited is the UK's number one supplier of Business to Business (B2B) Driving Licence Verification checking services.

Founded in 2003, Licence Bureau has one of the UK’s largest corporate fleet client bases, with more than 2,600 companies utilising our services, including over 20% of FTSE 100 companies.

From our base in Telford, Licence Bureau currently performs in excess of 925,000 Driving Licence Verification checks annually. 

Licence Bureau Limited were acquired by TTC Group in March 2020,  joining the skills, resources and experience of two like-minded powerhouses within the driver Compliance, Risk and Training industries. The integration of both organisations enables us to offer a consolidated suite of road safety products and services, all centrally managed within the Continuum platform.

Business Driver Limited | TTC Group company

Business Driver Fleet Risk Management Limited
32 Falstaff House,
Bardolph Road,

Company Registration Number: 07078071

Founded in 2009, the West London-based company enjoyed rapid growth with a number of key fleet clients, which helped to establish Business Driver as a capable and credible provider of corporate products and services across the UK and Ireland.

With many synergies to TTC Group, having pioneered their own driver risk management platform, as well as offering digital Driving Licence Verification checks with the DVLA, TTC Group’s acquisition of Business Driver in May 2019 extended both organisation’s geographic reach and market share, consolidated our expertise in managing driver and fleet risk for commercial businesses.

With an impressive range of established clients, Business Driver continue to offer market-leading practical driver coaching and in-vehicle training programmes, including:
• Driving licence category acquisition
• Trailer & towing
• UK familiarisation
• Specialist vehicle training

Balanceability Limited | TTC Group company

Balanceability Limited
Hadley Park East,

Company Registration Number: 06120118

Balanceability is the UK's first afPE Approved Learn to Cycle programme for children aged 2½ years and upwards. The programme consists of structured session plans and other resources which are available to schools, leisure centres and local authorities.

Balanceability combines balance bikes with a schedule of fun activities that build confidence, spatial-awareness and dynamic balance skills, enabling young children to cycle without ever needing stabilisers.

Acquired by TTC Group in 2014, Balanceability has continued to go from strength to strength as the leading 'learn-to-cycle' programme in the UK, operating in over 3,000 sites across England, Wales and Scotland.

Balanceability is being experienced by over 100,000 children each year.