TTC Continuum

TTC Continuum is the future of Driver & Fleet Risk Management solutions, integrating data from many sources including telematics, driver behaviour and in-vehicle technology, to deliver unparalleled insight into driver risk and compliance management through real-time dashboards and Management Information.

TTC Continuum’s real-time 24x7x365 delivery of Driver & Fleet Risk data makes managing any organisation’s fleet a much simpler process, helping to drive decision making and focusing fleet management resource to where it is needed most.

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  1. Manage your Compliance

    TTC’s Continuum platform provides a fully integrated suite of products to ensure that your organisation is best placed to manage “Duty of Care”  COMPLIANCE under current UK legislation.

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  1. Managing Risk with Enriched, Dynamic Data

    The TTC Continuum platform can further enhance your organisation’s driver and fleet RISK data by integrating a range of data sources.

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  1. Learning Programmes

    TTC’s blended LEARNING opportunities are designed to supporting the pressures of any modern organisation, identifying and delivering the most appropriate LEARNING needs for each driver to help address specific higher-risk driving behaviours and attitudes.

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