Digital Classroom NDORS Course Delivery

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Digital Classroom NDORS Course Delivery
UKROEd, the governing body which manages the driver offender rehabilitation scheme on behalf of the UK Police Service, suspended all classroom based courses from 9am on Friday 20th March 2020 for the foreseeable future. This was to protect the health and safety of delegates and the trainers, and to reduce the risks associated with a wider spread of the COVID-19 virus within the classroom setting.

TTC is a service provider governed by the rules and regulations of UKROEd.  Working closely with UKROEd throughout the pandemic, TTC are are able to continue delivering police referred road safety courses online, via a secure video link within a Digital Classroom.

These courses are offered by UK police forces to drivers who commit offences as an alternative to prosecution, fine and/or points on the licence.  If drivers choose not to participate in the online Digital Classroom course the Police will make contact to advise the driver directly about the next steps available.

With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to evolve by the day and all of us facing unprecedented challenges in these uncertain times, we are closely monitoring the situation and following the advice issued by the Government whilst adhering to the regulations of UKROEd.

Courses Available in Digital Classroom Option
Currently, drivers booked on the following 4 courses have the option to participate in the online Digital Classroom courses:

For court referred courses please see page: Drink Drive Rehabilitation Scheme (DDRS) online course

TTC has adopted the Zoom platform, a leading video conferencing system which enables delegates to confirm their identity to the trainer within a virtual waiting room, and then enter the online classroom for the duration of the course. The course duration is 2hours 45minutes for iNSAC and iNMAC, or 3hours duration for iWDU and iSCD, including the signing in process and a 10-minute break during the session.

Delegates are able to see, talk to and message the trainer live. Also, all the content from face-to-face courses can be viewed online through a secure, video link. The technology required to participate is straightforward; a fully-charged laptop, tablet or phone, together with a webcam/in-built camera and good-quality access to the internet.

We are UK’s leading company delivering driver awareness and drink driving rehabilitation courses to members of the public that have committed a driving offence.

TTC has compiled a comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document which answers all of your important questions about participating in a virtual classroom course, which can be found by visiting:  FAQs – National Speed Awareness Course, Online Digital Classroom