CARA Scheme

Raising awareness of domestic abuse

The CARA (Cautions and Relationship Abuse) programme aims to raise awareness of domestic abuse, reduce reoffending and ensure victim safety. 

The scheme is offered to domestic abuse offenders as an opportunity, not a punishment, to reflect on their choices and find a positive way forward. 

Part of a conditional caution issued by the police, offenders complete 2 CARA workshops, which use educational and therapeutic techniques to motivate behaviour change. 

A Cambridge University study of first-time offenders who attended CARA discovered that the workshops reduced reoffending rates by a third. Of those who attended workshops, 94 per cent reported a change in attitude towards their partner, while 91 per cent said it helped issues in their relationship. 

View the research: Project CARA

  • Duration: 2 5-hours workshops, 4 weeks apart
  • Up to 12 participants
  • Free of charge
  • Classroom interactive workshop
  • Delivered by The Hampton Trust at various areas across the UK

Reasons to attend

lawReduce reoffending by a change in attitude towards your partner.

Most attendees find the course to be helpful and of personal value.

Friendly, non-judgemental course facilitators with no police presence.

All workshops run in single sex groups.


Domestic abuse is a damaging crime which ruins lives, so it’s vital we act early. This is an innovative scheme which has been successful in other parts of the country, and I’m confident it will help us reduce reoffending and protect vulnerable people here in Dorset.

Martyn Underhill Police and Crime Commissioner for Dorset

Participant benefits

Learn to recognise and manage behaviour​.

thinkingUnderstand the effects of domestic abuse.

Friendly handshakeFind a way forward and develop longer term goals.

Be motivated to believe in your ability to change.

Course details

Who should attend

Anyone issued with a conditional caution for domestic abuse and offered the scheme at the discretion of the police.

Delivery method

The interactive workshop is relaxed and informative and facilitated by 2 experienced, non-judgemental The Hampton Trust trainers. There is no police involvement.

Course requirements

Arrive early
You must arrive on time. Late arrivals will be refused entry and their case may be referred back to the police.

You must not have received a previous conviction or caution for violence in the 2 years prior to the most recent offence, be on court/police bail or currently serving a community-based sentence or order.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CARA?

CARA is an intervention designed to raise awareness of domestic abuse.

Why do I have to attend?

As part of your conditional caution you are required to attend the CARA workshops in order to give you an opportunity to reflect on your current circumstances.

How long is the course?

You will be required to complete 2 workshops, 4-5 weeks apart. Each workshop will be on a Saturday from 10am to 3pm and you must attend both workshops.

What happens if I do not attend?

The course is not optional. If you do not attend, you are breaching the conditions of your caution and you will be referred back to the police for further action. If you miss a workshop, you will have to repeat both sets of workshops again. If you are late to a workshop you will be refused entry.

Can I attend with my partner?

No. Partners are not permitted to attend the course.

Who can I contact if I have any questions/issues?

Contact us on 0330 0945849 between 8am to 6pm on Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 4pm on Saturday or email

Been referred by the police?

Book by post or phone at a local venue near you

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