TTC launches Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Coaching

Press Release | June 2021

TTC launches Electric & Hybrid Vehicle courses to help drivers get to grips with their Electric Vehicles

TTC is providing companies and drivers the opportunity to get the most from their EVs via its new Electric Aware course.

The course is offered either as a virtual half-day classroom where drivers are educated about their vehicles, the latest EV technology and the wider electric car eco system, or via a half day or full day in-car practical driving session with an instructor.

The course ensures drivers approach their new EVs with a fresh mindset which will enable them to get the most from their new EVs. The Electric Aware course also provides information on the UK’s charging infrastructure, battery life and tax and grant information all with the aim of educating and dispelling fears that still exist around EV ownership.

Construction company Willmott Dixon has put its drivers through the course and has seen incredible results with some drivers improving their EV range by 20%. It forms part of its support to transition more people into EVs.

During the course we drove on a variety of roads including open country lanes, motorways and in-town traffic. The session was adaptive with the instructor explaining how I could improve my driving and range with adjustments to my car’s settings and driving habits.

Gary Ketch Group Principal Health, Safety & Environmental Inspector, Willmott Dixon

By driving with an instructor, Gary had the benefits of regenerative braking explained in detail and this learning came together to improve his mpkWh average energy consumption by 20% in just a few hours.

Instructor sessions include an individual driving style assessment and recommendation on which settings to use on their EV. This is information drivers previously would not have been aware of as many take delivery of their EVs with little knowledge of the technology and how to get the best from it. Whether a driver passed their test three years or 30 years ago they are unlikely to have driven anything as powerful or as complex as an EV before which is where the training comes in useful.

This is the biggest revolution in the automotive industry for over 100 years. EVs require a whole new mindset towards driving and our course helps change driver habits and adapt their approach to driving which has immediate benefits on key elements like range. Hopefully, we can reduce the levels of range anxiety among EV drivers,” said Martin Starkey, Product Manager Development & Implementation, TTC.