Cost of living crisis support for homeless people

News article | March 2023

TTC Group | Helping communities charity donations

TTC Group makes charity donations to help support those facing homelessness.

In response to the cost of living crisis TTC Group has donated £3,500 across two community-based homeless support charities in Birmingham and West Yorkshire.

No one should have to survive on the streets, so please spare a thought for those that don't have a roof over their head during this cold and wet weather. 

Having witnessed the shocking increase in the number of homeless people, from a simple act of buying somebody living on the street a hot cup of coffee, I felt like we could be doing more to help those most in need. These donations go directly to help support homeless people, whether through food, clothing, medicine or sheltered accommodation.

Richard Boothroyd Chief Financial Officer, TTC Group

TTC works closely with our customers to identify how and where the business can best support local communities.

The cost of living crisis is having a devastating impact on those already living on a very small budget, with each week seeing more people facing the terrifying prospect of becoming homeless for the very first time. 

On behalf of West Yorkshire Police, where TTC delivers driver improvement road safety initiatives such as the National Speed Awareness Course, TTC has chosen to support Simon on the Streets, an independent charity in West Yorkshire helping the homeless and vulnerable.  Simon on the Streets deliver outreach on the streets to the homeless community and those that are most vulnerable in Leeds, Bradford and Kirklees.

As part of TTC's commitments to delivering social value initiatives on behalf of West Midlands Police, the business selected the Let's Feed Brum homeless charity, who last received a charitable donation during Winter 2020.  The Birmingham-based charity's mission is to make a lasting difference to those experiencing and at risk of homelessness. Using a cup of tea as the vehicle to start conversations, they build meaningful conversations that help people access the support they need.