New Updated Drink Drive Ban Reduction Calculator

News Article | January 2023

TTC Group | Drink Drive Ban Calculator New Update

TTC Group has released an updated version of our Drink Drive Ban Reduction Calculator.

A key element in the Drink Drive sentencing process requires Magistrates' court personnel to accurately calculate the offender's driving ban end date.  

Drink Drive Ban Reduction Calculator

For those that the court refers to be eligible to attend a Drink Drive rehabilitation course, it is vital that the court and the offender each have a clear understanding of how their potential 25% driving ban reduction may be applied, as well as the date by which the course must be completed.

TTC Group first introduced the online Drink Drive ban reduction calculator feature in 2019, and is now relied upon by many Magistrates' Courts to calculate driving ban periods and completion dates.  Since the online calculator was introduced in 2019, it has been used over 23,000 times.

As part of TTC Group's BSI ISO:9001 Quality Management System and commitment to delivering continuous improvement, we received Magistrates' Court feedback on how the driving ban reduction calculator could be improved.

As a result, the calculator coding has undergone a significant code redevelopment to enhance the calculator performance, simplfying the results for improved ease of use, both for Magistrates, and for those convicted of a Drink Driving offence. 

During 2022, TTC Group's online drink driving ban reduction calculator has been used by Magistrates' Courts in the sentencing of over 10,000 offenders.

David Barrell National Manager for Drink Drive Rehabilitation, TTC Group

As the UK’s largest provider of Drink Driving courses, TTC delivers courses across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Appointed by the Department for Transport (DfT), the Welsh Government and the Northern Ireland Department for Infrastructure.

In 2023, TTC Group celebrates an important milestone of  successfully delivering the Drink Drive rehabilitation courses for 30-years.

85,000 people in England and Wales are convicted for Drink Driving offences each year.  With the support of a Drink Drive course, offenders are three times less likely to reoffend.

As well as offering a range of supportive Drink Drive-related resources online, TTC Group also offers awareness webinars designed to develop court staff's understanding of how the Drink Drive rehabilitation schemes operate, as well as the support available to those convicted of Drink Driving offences.

Click here to find out more and to talk with us about booking a webinar for your Court Ushers.