National Speed Awareness Online Course iNSAC

TTC Group is pleased to confirm that, from Monday 6th April 2020, it will be delivering digital classroom-based National Speed Awareness Course (iNSAC) to members of the public who have already booked a place to attend a face-to-face course.

All face-to-face driver awareness courses were suspended on the 19th March 2020 as a result of guidance from UKROEd. This organisation oversees all police-referred driver offender retraining courses in the UK.

Where possible, online digital classroom courses will be offered to delegates on the same day that their face-to-face training was booked. However, the start time may be different as online courses will only have up to 9 delegates, compared with the 12-person maximum permitted on face-to-face classroom courses.

Booked delegates will not have to rebook their course; we will automatically send them joining instructions by email or text, which will contain a link to an “explainer video” confirming what to do next. Delegates will then need to confirm their attendance, or call us to re-arrange their booking. Priority for rebookings will be given to people close to their ‘critical date’ – the date by which a course has to be successfully completed.

We are adopting a leading video conferencing system which will enable delegates to confirm their identity to the trainer within a virtual waiting room, and then enter the online classroom for the duration of the course. The course duration is 2hours 45minutes, including the signing in process and a 10-minute break during the session.

Delegates will be able to see, talk to and message the trainer live. Also, all the content from face-to-face courses can be viewed online through a secure, video link. The technology required to participate is straightforward; a fully-charged laptop, tablet or phone, together with a webcam/in-built camera and good-quality access to the internet.

We are UK’s leading company delivering driver awareness and drink driving rehabilitation courses to members of the public that have committed a driving offence.

More information see police referred courses move to digital classroom.