Drug Drive charges surge to record levels

Press release | October 2020

Drug Impairment News

Following the introduction of new drug driving legislation in 2015, the number of drug driving charges has risen to record levels in the last year.

Drug driving was identified as a specific legislative offence in 2015, a decisive move in enabling police to charge an individual for drug driving, similar to existing drink driving legislation. Drug driving offences occur when traces of at least one of 16 specified drugs in their blood above a certain limit.

Half of the 16 drugs listed are ‘medicinal’, which when prescribed will contain warnings about impairing people’s ability to drive. UK drivers are just as likely to be prosecuted for having a legal drug in their system as they are an illegal drug while behind the wheel.

A recent Freedom of Information request sent to all UK police forces has revealed that the number of drug driving charges has increased by 125% over the last year, with responding English and Welsh forces reporting a combined 9,270 drug driving charges.

Andy wheeler, Head of Technical Delivery for TTC Group shares his thoughts, having analysed the FOI results:
“The latest figures fully support my observations and concerns over the last few years, with drug driving arrests confirmed at an all-time high.”

“These revealing figures should be a real wake up call for businesses employing both drivers and operators of machinery.”

“Anecdotal evidence from our specialist Drink Drive Rehabilitation trainers tell me that they believe a third of the course delegates regularly use recreational drugs. However, it is not just recreational drug use, it is also prescription medicine where drivers and operators can fall foul of the drug driving legislation without realising it.”

“Drivers are fully aware of the drink driving laws, but are yet to catch up on new drug driving legislation. For this reason, TTC Group has partnered with D.Tec International and now able to provide our customers with education, prevention and detection through their drug and alcohol screening services.”

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TTC Group delivers Driver CPC workshop training to professional drivers, including a specialist Driver Impairment – Drink & Drugs module, which guides drivers through a thought-provoking session on the effects and consequences of drink and drug driving.

As the UK’s largest provider of Drink Drive Rehabilitation courses, TTC Group is the only organisation to be appointed by the Department for Transport and the Department for Infrastructure, for Drink Drive course delivery throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Having delivered Drink Drive Rehabilitation courses for 25 years, we also gained approval to develop and deliver pilot Drink and Drug Drive Rehabilitation courses in England and Wales, with the results and feedback provided to The Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety (PACTS), who support the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Transport Safety.

Tim Ribton, National Manager for Police and Court Referred Offender Education, commented:
“This is a significant rise in drug driving related offences being committed, which is an accurate depiction of the challenges that police forces currently face with the rise in recreational drug use and people’s attitudes to driving whilst impaired by the effects of drugs, whether medicinal or illegal.”

“We are fully supportive of the work that PACTS continue to strive towards protecting human life through the promotion of transport safety for the public benefit. TTC Group hopes that a dedicated Drug Drive Rehabilitation course gains approval in the near future, enabling us to continue our excellent work in educating offenders.“

Find out more about how TTC Group is working to raise awareness and understanding of current Drink and Drug legislation by visiting www.thettcgroup.com


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