Drug screening provided to reduce driver risk

Press release | March 2020

TTC Group and D.tec International join forces in pursuit of road safety

TTC Group and D.tec International will provide a full spectrum service aimed at reducing fleet operating costs by minimising work-related driver incidents caused by drink, or more commonly, drugs.

An expert in the delivery of fleet risk management services and driving training has teamed up with D.tec International to significantly reduce road traffic collisions.

TTC Group will work with the market leaders in turnkey provision of in-house drug and alcohol screening solution to ensure clients have fleet safety at the top of their priority list.

Both parties believe that safer driving programmes only truly work when the message is consistent and embedded as a true top down culture, with companies having a legal responsibility, under health and safety legislation, to ensure people who drive for work are professionally assessed or screened and then, where appropriate, offered training.

TTC can pick this up, helping firms to identify challenges associated with ‘driving for work; by completing a comprehensive safety audit. Following identification of any ‘risk gaps’, it can then recommend a programme of improvements.

The partnership with D.tec will allow TTC to go one step further by offering expert advice on developing a robust drug and alcohol policy, whilst also providing a non-intrusive, dignified and accurate drug screening and breath alcohol measuring solution.

Andy Wheeler and Ean

Ean Lewin D.tec Managing Director and Andy Wheeler Technical Director TTC Group

Andy Wheeler, Technical Delivery Director at TTC Group, commented: “Evidence from recent police drink and drug drive campaigns shows that drug driving arrests in many forces are overtaking those for alcohol. Many drivers do not appreciate the impact and risks of not only having a more severe collision, but that failing the roadside drug screening test will mean a loss of licence and even imprisonment.

“Most drivers are aware of drink driving, however there is a real lack of knowledge and appreciation of drug driving, either through recreational or prescribed drug use, at both employee and managerial level. Drivers and businesses must have effective policies and training in place to deal with this growing risk.

“Working with D.tec allows us to utilise our core strengths to deal with the increase in drug driving collisions and convictions, either through our behavioural change workshops or with policy guidance, training and screening devices.”

Ean Lewin, D.tec Managing Director commented: “The D.tec team is looking forward to working with TTC and our safety conscious clients. It is excellent to see companies continuing to invest in telematics that monitor and assess driver performance and reduce emissions through smoother driving, but it also makes sense to remember the basics and educate employees before they get behind the wheel.

“A regular programme of training on the dangers of driving whilst under the influence of drugs and alcohol can be a very effective deterrent, especially when coupled with pre-employment, random and with cause drug and alcohol testing procedures.”