Targeted, tailored elearning to develop safer on-road behavoiurs

Our elearning is developed to be consumed in small chunk size modules which allows drivers to fit in learning into their schedules and dip in as and when required. We have a broad range of elearning content as well as educational videos on road safety.

  1. Tailored and targeted learning

    Our solution allocates educational content based on the driver's area which they need to address and develop safer behaviours on the road.

    Following the completion of a risk assessment and training needs analysis, drivers receive a schedule of elearning as well as receive various road safety educational video content.

  2. Access material using any device at anytime

    Flexible learning on the go. All our material is available to complete via the smartphone, tablet or desktop web browser. 

How our elearning works

We have 15 e-learning modules available, which will be personally scheduled for the driver every 3 months.  Each module takes between 8 and 15 minutes to complete via their smartphone, tablet or desktop web browser. 

In addition, drivers receive a monthly mini module, selected from a pool of currently 36 mini modules, each of which will consist of 1-3 minutes of road safety messages and information in the form of a video. 

You have the flexibility to select the frequency of learning to meet your operational needs.

Telematics data and driver personalised learning

Drivers linked to a telematics device and recording various driving events due to excessive speed, braking or cornering, for example, will automatically be invited to complete a relevant training intervention.  All content is compatible with a handheld Smartphone device.

COAST training applied to our material

All our e-learning programmes have a consistent thread running through them with a key training message of C.O.A.S.T – Concentration, Observation, Anticipation, Space and Time.

Learning using several  methods to  engage drivers

Training messages are delivered using different methods.  These methods involve conventional Q&A and user engagement, animated videos and actual character videos to bring the training message to life.  We use 6 actors covering varying ethnicity, gender, age and personality in many of our video productions. 

The learning content of each module is supported by multiple choice questions to check the drivers understanding of the content.

Driver results recorded and profiled into "risk" a score

On completion of assigned training, outcomes are recorded against the driver's record on Continuum, our Driver Risk Managment platform.

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elearning content available

eLearning modules available

eLearning modules (8 to 15 minutes of interaction):

  • Defensive road positioning
  • Distractions – Mobile phone
  • Dynamic risk assessment (vans)
  • Eco-safe driving
  • Effective speed management
  • Electric vehicles
  • Hazard awareness
  • Impairment through drink & drugs
  • In-vehicle distractions
  • Parking and manoeuvring
  • Rear-end protection
  • Safe following
  • Smart motorways
  • Speed Recognition
  • Visual scanning
Video mini modules

Video mini modules (up to 3 minutes of video content):

  • Bends – limit point
  • Brakes to slow, gears to go
  • Breakdowns on motorway
  • Carrying loads
  • Collision
  • Coping with stress
  • Creep & peep
  • Distractions (handheld)
  • Distractions (hands free)
  • Experience – driving high risk activity
  • Eyes fit to drive?
  • Fatigue
  • High mileage
  • Light foot
  • Low mileage
  • Night driving
  • Non smart motorway breakdown
  • Mirrors and blind spots
  • Overtaking
  • Own v’s company vehicle
  • Road markings
  • SLOW road markings
  • Safe following
  • Safety checks
  • Seat belts
  • See & be seen
  • Signs
  • Slow to flow
  • The morning after
  • The penalties of points
  • Tyres and tarmac
  • Unfamiliar vehicles
  • Well-being and mobility
  • Winter driving
  • Why speed?
  • Young drivers

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