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Online Driver Risk Management training courses available throughout 2023. Delivered by expert road safety professionals, we offer a range of courses to address specific driver risks. Interested in a private Driver Risk Management course for your company's drivers?  Call us today: 03330 113 113

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I complete driver training online?

Yes, we offer a choice of both online and classroom Driver Skills workshops.  TTC’s online driver courses are easy to join and include interactive group activities, all facilitated through Zoom.  Completing driver skills workshops online is a convenient way for drivers to complete training without the travel and accommodation expenses often associated with classroom courses.

Drivers cannot however complete an online course on a smartphone.  Drivers will be required to use a larger tablet device, laptop or desktop PC to complete their course.  We also do not permit screen sharing, where more than one driver joins the course from a single device.

Why should drivers undertake regular training?

Regular training can provide numerous benefits for UK drivers, helping to ensure that everyone on the road stays safe and responsible.  The benefits of drivers completing regular driver training programmes include:

  1. To maintain and improve driving skills: Regular training can help drivers stay up-to-date with the latest driving techniques and regulations, and can also help identify and correct any bad habits that may have developed over time.

  2. To increase road safety: Regular training can help drivers become more aware of road hazards, make better decisions while driving, and react more quickly in emergency situations.

  3. To reduce the risk of accidents: By staying proficient in driving skills, drivers can reduce the risk of being involved in a road accident, which can not only save lives but also reduce the cost of insurance and repairs.

  4. To meet legal requirements: In some cases, regular training may be required by law for certain types of drivers, such as professional drivers or drivers of large commercial vehicles.

  5. To improve confidence: Regular training can help drivers feel more confident and comfortable on the road, which can lead to a more enjoyable and stress-free driving experience.
Why attend a Speed Awareness online workshop?

Driving in excess of the speed limit can be dangerous. Excessive speed increases the risk of a crash and the severity of the consequences if a crash does occur.  Driving at excessive speeds is not only illegal, but it also increases the risk of a crash and the severity of the consequences. It is important to always obey the speed limit and to adjust your speed based on road conditions, traffic, weather, and other factors that may affect your ability to drive safely.

The purpose of TTC’s Speed Awareness online workshop is to educate vocational drivers on the dangers of excessive speed, the effects it can have on driving, and to encourage safer driving behaviour.  The workshop offers the opportunity for drivers to consider the consequences of their actions and to reflect on their normal driving habits. The course also provides drivers with an opportunity to learn about safe driving practices and to develop a greater awareness of road safety.

Additionally, organisations that can evidence that their drivers have completed a Speed Awareness workshop are often better placed to negotiate discounts on their fleet insurance policies.

Why attend a Driver Impairment online workshop?

Driver impairment in the workplace is a very serious issue that can have significant impacts on both the individuals involved and your organisation as a whole. There are several forms of driver impairment, including alcohol impairment, and drug impairment.

Alcohol impairment, for example, can slow reaction times, reduce the ability to concentrate, and impair judgment, making it dangerous (and illegal) for individuals to drive a vehicle. Similarly, drug impairment will also cause significant issues with perception, reaction time, and coordination, and can lead to mistakes that could result in serious accidents.

In the workplace, driver impairment can result in increased risk of accidents and injuries. Furthermore, it can also harm the reputation of your organisation, leading to legal and financial consequences.

Don't wait to be reactive to a driver impairment situation.  To minimize the risk of driver impairment in the workplace, it is important for organisations to have clear policies and procedures in place to address the issue, as well as to provide preventative training and resources to help employees understand the dangers of driver impairment and how to avoid it. 

The Driver Impairment workshop is designed to raise awareness of the consequences of alcohol and drugs, better empowering your workforce to make more informed and safer decisions before getting behind the wheel of a vehicle.