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Is there anything I should do in preparation for the course?

Yes. We do recommend planning your route to the venue; if you arrive late then you will not be allowed entry to the course.

I cannot find the email; how can I find the details of my course?

You can log back into the online portal you will be re-directed to your dashboard where you will be able to view the course details and resend or print your booking confirmation.

Alternatively, you can reach us at where you can organise to have your confirmation resent.

Will there be a test during the online course?

There is no specific test, however you are required to engage fully throughout the course as instructed by the trainer in order to successfully complete the course.

I do not have childcare provision - can I still attend the online course?

No, children are not allowed into the course. If you do not have childcare arrangements in place, then you cannot attend. Ultimately if you cannot attend and complete the course, then one of the other prosecution options will need to be considered.

I have a health condition or disability, can I still attend a course?

Every effort will be made to accommodate any special requirements providing TTC 2000 Ltd has been notified of specific requests or reasonable adjustments required in advance. If no such indication has been made TTC 2000 Ltd will not be held responsible for failing to provide these. If you require personal care during the duration of your course you will need to provide your own carer, again you must notify TTC 2000 Ltd if this is the case. Please contact TTC to discuss your requirements further.

What happens if I cannot complete the course before my deadline?

As this is an alternative to prosecution, you will have to choose one of the other available options from your Police offer letter.

Can I revert to attending this course online even though I have already paid the fine to the police?

Unfortunately, not. Once the Conditional Offer has been processed by the police, it is not possible to change it.

Do I need to inform you that I will require disabled access and parking?

All of our venues have disabled access and parking, please notify us at the time of booking so that arrangements can be made at the venue.

Can I have an interpreter with me on the course?

Yes. You can add this requirement at the time of booking, we will need to know the name of the interpreter who will be attending with you. They must be at least 16 years old and will need to show their own Photo ID.  For more information about using an interpreter, click the button below.

Using an Interpreter

If you arrive at a course with an interpreter without notifying TTC, you may be asked to leave and rebook.

What happens if I do not or cannot attend my course?

You can rebook your course which will be subject to course availability before your completion date. Please refer to your Terms & Conditions for details regarding rebooking fees.

What happens if my course is cancelled?

In the event of your course being cancelled, you will be rebooked free of charge onto a new course date, providing there is sufficient time before you completion date which is set by the police.

GDPR and copyright

Client confidentiality is important to us; therefore, the filming and/or recording or reproduction or posting on social media of any part of a course is strictly prohibited as this infringes data protection laws and privacy of other delegates.

Anyone using a mobile phone, or any other recording equipment, is liable to be excluded from taking any further part in the course and the case will be referred back to the police who will normally institute criminal proceedings for the original offence.

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