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TTC Group delivers on Net Zero carbon pledge

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TTC Group Net Zero Make It Wild Tree Planting

TTC Net Zero pledge initiative sees carbon offsetting with Yorkshire Police Force

Following its successful retention of its National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme (NDORS) contracts with North, West & South Yorkshire Police Forces which required the proposal of environmental commitments to Yorkshire, TTC has gone one step further and pledged to achieve ‘Net Zero’ by the end of 2022.

As part of this process, TTC carried out an environmental audit on its business, which measured its annual carbon footprint at 60 tonnes per annum, prompting TTC to commit to offsetting 200 tonnes of carbon a year for the next three years. By 2025, TTC will have offset more than 600 tonnes of carbon emissions and will be a carbon negative company.

To achieve carbon offsetting goals, TTC has partnered with the Northallerton based wildlife organisation, Make It Wild, which works with organisations to fund, plant and manage new woodland throughout Yorkshire. Make It Wild offsets carbon, improves local air quality and provides areas of diverse planting for wildlife to thrive in as part of its mission to offset carbon emissions while supporting biodiversity through habitat creation and restoration in North Yorkshire.

Jim Kirkwood

“Addressing climate change and offsetting one’s carbon footprint are front and centre of political, corporate and personal life today. The richness and diversity of our societies, our environment, and our wildlife which we have all enjoyed through our own lives are areas in which a responsible employer can contribute towards making the lives of future generations better, safer and equally enjoyable.

The planting of trees to offset our carbon footprint, the broadening of wildlife habitats, engaging with and supporting local community led projects as well as having an established and active ESG programme all contribute to participating and contributing to the ultimate solution we collectively seek. TTC Group will, under my stewardship, continue to encourage, support and actively engage in projects aimed at supporting local social value creation as well as those environmental projects which make a difference to families across the regions of this great country,” added Jim Kirkwood, CEO, TTC Group (pictured).

Make it Wild TTC Group Dowgill Grange

The focus of TTC’s partnership with Make it Wild has so far been the planting of 61 trees at the Dowgill Grange Woodland in Nidderdale however, to aid biodiversity across the UK, TTC will work with the charity to help with habitat creation, flood management and the rewilding projects in different sites across the UK.

Helen Neave, Co-Founding Director Make It Wild

Helen Neave, Founding Director of Make It Wild said, “We are delighted to plant trees for TTC to support them in taking responsibility for their impact on the planet. It is impressive that they have chosen to go over and above the minimum and are on a journey to become carbon negative. We are thrilled that they wish to become long-term partners of Make it Wild, and to contribute further to our habitat restoration projects, and we look forward to working with them in the future. It is heartening that North, West & South Yorkshire Police have built a requirement for social and environmental initiatives into their partnership processes.”

David Finney, TTC Group Compliance Manager said. “TTC recognises its responsibility to help protect the planet. We are committed to minimising the impact our business has on the environment and supporting those we work with to improve global environmental sustainability.”

“While we are rightly proud of our 100% contract retention rate with UK Police Forces (NDORS), the new requirement for delivery of Social Value by all contractors for North, South and West Yorkshire Police has been the stimulus for some truly positive steps for TTC.”

Make it Wild tree planting

Paul Jeffrey, Head of Department, Prosecutions and Casualty Prevention Unit for West Yorkshire Police, said: “We have had a long working relationship with TTC for the provision of our National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme, but as part of a new initiative with the force, we now require all contractors to make commitments to delivering social value throughout the region.”

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