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TTC develops Alcohol Education Course for Police

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Alcohol education course news

TTC Group has introduced its new Alcohol Education Course to help ease the burden on the UK’s public services sector and support communities faced with alcohol related crime

The TTC developed course – a first for the UK’s criminal justice system – is designed to alleviate the current complexities around prosecution by providing consistency of approach; reduced administration workloads; and offering education and support to offenders.

The course aligns with the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) ‘Charging and Out of Court Disposals’ two-tier framework national strategy.

Cumbria Constabulary – the first to adopt the scheme – has successfully implemented the programme which is now also being rolled out across Wales with a number of other police forces throughout the UK showing interest. TTC anticipates the course will see significant demand and is currently geared for delivery to circa 10,000 individuals per year, with scope to accommodate more dependent on demand.

The 2.5hr interactive course is delivered either via a virtual classroom using zoom or, local Covid-19 restrictions dependent, in a Covid-Secure classroom workshop. Classes are delivered to groups of up to 12 offenders. The entire course fee is funded by the offender.

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Tim Ribton, head of TTC’s Drink Drive Rehabilitation Scheme (DDRS) division, said: “Building on our already long-term relationship with Cumbria, North Wales, Gwent and South Wales Police, it is great to see how they are implementing the new programme and are reaping the benefits across the board – both operationally and in partnership with the community.

“We’re looking forward to working with other forces across the country to share the benefits of this new approach.”

Access to the Alcohol Education Course is straightforward with offenders provided information by a custody sergeant following the issue of an ‘out of court disposal’ (OOCD).  Police provide TTC with a referral list from which TTC then deals directly with the offender. In return TTC provides Police with all the necessary management information reports. All information is exchanged via CJSM secure email.

The Alcohol Education Course replaces the now outdated Alcohol Diversion Scheme.

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