Wellbeing Webinars

Staff webinars covering a range of topics to help improve wellbeing and encourage healthy lives. Wellbeing starts with well beings.

Money, Happiness & Wellbeing Webinar

In this webinar, we look at:

  • The link between money and happiness.
  • Why money and our finances can be a health issue.
  • The money/Wellbeing paradox.
  • Economic security and life balance.
  • Positive thinking and money.
  • Money Mindset - changing the way we think about money.
  • Practocal steps towards "Economic piece of mind".

Delivered November 2022 by Westfield Health's Mark Pinches, Head of Coaching.

Domestic Abuse Webinar

In this webinar, we look at:

  • Understanding what domestic abuse us.
  • Identifying the different forms of domestic abuse.
  • How to spot signs of abuse.
  • What we can do to support those being abused and to help prevent abusive behaviour.
  • The legislation to help tackle domestic abuse, including Clare's Law and Sarah's Law.

Delivered July 2022.

Men's Health Webinar

For the month of May we will be breaking down the stigmas surrounding men’s health – it’s a ‘man thing”! 

This webinar is designed for all men, young or old, to support you in adopting a more proactive approach to managing your health. It focuses on the main areas that can impact on a man’s health.

Delivered May 2022 by Westfield Health's Mark Pinches, Head of Coaching.

Alcohol & Health Webinar

In this bespoke 1-hour webinar, TTC Regional Coordinators Linsey Brown and Dave Barrell discuss the impacts of alcohol upon our health and wellbeing.  The webinar will extend your knowledge on:

  • Unit calculation, alcohol strengths etc
  • Absorption & Elimination (including when safe to drive, or indeed go to work). Clear up some commonly held myths.
  • Short-term and long-term health effects on the body from alcohol consumption.
  • AUDIT questionnaire and associated definitions, Binge drinking etc.

Delivered March 2022.

Menopause Webinar

Understanding the menopause and gaining insight into how it affects people directly and indirectly.  We take a look at how the menopause process starts, its impact upon a woman's body, and steps that can be taken to help manage the changes.

Delivered February 2022 by Westfield Health's Liz Preece, Workplace Wellbeing Course Facilitator.