English As Additional Language Support

Bring an interpretor to help you complete an NDORS course with TTC.

Bring a translator along to help

TTC supporting people to complete an NDORS course with an Interpreter

Whilst all NDORS courses are currently offered in English and Welsh languages, we encourage anyone eligible for a course, no matter which language an individual is fluent in, through the use of an interpreter.

Can I bring an Interpreter with me on a course?

Yes, it is important that anyone attending an NDORS course is able to fully understand the course content, as well as contribute to group discussion.

For anyone whose English language skills are limited and would restrict their ability to complete a course, TTC recommends that arrangements are made for an  interpreter to attend a course to offer support.  

It is the course participant's responsibility to arrange for an interpreter.  It is not the responsibility of the Police Force, nor TTC (the course provider) to supply an interpretor.

An interpreter can be a family member, friend or professional language interpreter. 

How to let TTC know that you a bringing an interpreter

When booking a course online, during Step 2 of the booking process, select "Yes" to advise that you have special requirements for attending a course.

On the "Your Requirements" screen (pictured), simply select the "I speak a different language and will bring my own translator" option. 

If you have any other specific requirements, please let us know by providing as much detail as possible.


TTC Group | Course Booking Your Requirements

What do I need to do before attending my course?

Whether a course has been booked online, or by telephone, there are a few steps to take before attending your course.

Things for you to do...

  • You must confirm the name of your interpreter prior to the course date. Failure to confirm this with TTC, may result in you being excluded from the course and a re-arrangement fee may be required to rebook.
  • Share the below requirements with your interpreter

What we need your interpreter to know...

  • The Interpreter must be at least 16 years old on the NDORS courses (Speed Awareness, What’s Driving Us, Safe Considerate Driving and Motorway Awareness).
  • Prior to attending the course, please ensure the client understands the pre-course paperwork. Particular attention is drawn to the requirement to arrive on time and that both the client and interpreter need to bring their photographic identification (driving licence, passport, etc.) with them.
  • There will be other clients on the course, and you will be required to translate what is being said.
  • Remember you are responsible for ensuring everything said by the Trainer and other clients is translated to the person you are helping, so do not be afraid to speak throughout the course.
  • For online courses, please mute your audio / microphone when translating for the client. Remember you will need to unmute to relay any questions, comments or answers from the client you are interpreting.
  • If a question is directed at the client, please translate the question and the reply. Try not to give your own answer (which may well be different).
  • If the client is a close friend or family member, please do not allow your personal relationship to interfere with your interpreting.
  • If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask the Trainer for clarification.