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How to book your Alcohol Education Course online

TTC Group | Victim Awareness Course
Have you been referred for an Victim Awareness Course by the Police?

You must be referred by the Police to be eligible for an Victim Awareness Course.  

TTC is a trusted partner of 14 UK Police Forces and delivers a range of behavioural change courses on behalf of those Forces to help prevent reoffending.

To book your Victim Awareness Course, please complete the online booking form below, using details from your course information sheet, handed to you by the Police.


Book your Victim Awareness Course

Please enter your full name
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provided on the referral paperwork provided to you by the Police
provided on the referral paperwork provided to you by the Police

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What happens next?

The Police will securely exchange course referral data with TTC, which is used to confirm your course eligibility.

Once TTC has received your online course booking request, you will be contacted directly to schedule a suitable course date and to take course payment.

You will then be provided with course joining instructions by email, guiding you how to join the course, whether online or by attanding a classroom course.

Please Note:  Failure to meet the condition of your OOCD and complete the Victim Awareness Course within 12-weeks will result in your case being returned to the Police for prosecution.