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Pimlico plumbed into FTA’s Driver Licence Checking system provided by Licence Bureau

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Pimlico Plumbers are the country’s largest independent plumbing and service company, wholly based within Greater and Central London. They take pride in providing excellent, no nonsense service at a great value.

This can only be delivered through their fleet of 160 Volkswagen Transporter vans and Golf cars navigating the streets of the capital 24 hours a day from their riverside headquarters in Lambeth.


All 160 of Pimlico’s vans are fitted with trackers, ensuring the large operations team can simultaneously monitor the location of its drivers, which is crucial in providing a premium service to a long list of clients within an hour of callout.

Operating a large number of vehicles and drivers in London, not to mention providing service of the highest quality, is a constant challenge. Therefore, Pimlico need a proven approach to ensure all of its 160 drivers are compliant when covering a collective annual mileage of approximately 260,000 miles.

This is where the Freight Transport Association’s Driver Licence Checking Service provided by Licence Bureau comes in. Pimlico uses the fleet driver licence checking company’s online Compliance Managed Services (CMS) portal to successfully manage its fleet.

Because all 160 vans are permanently kept by their drivers, licence checking is essential in ensuring that they are qualified to operate within the busy confines of London, where it’s easy to quickly acquire penalty points.

At the heart of Pimlico’s and the FTA’s operations are speed and efficiency, so leaving its licence checking to Licence Bureau’s easy-to-use system is a no-brainer, as it quickly and continuously analyses any changes in its drivers’ details, to ensure compliance with Duty of Care obligations, while enabling their tradespeople to focus fully on the job in hand.

An ever-expanding list of clients has inevitably necessitated a demanding recruitment drive in London, meaning licence checks on any future additions to its 160 drivers will be quickly carried out by Licence Bureau’s portal.

Alongside Pimlico Plumbers’ core offer of specialist work in plumbing, heating and carpentry, this dedicated work cannot be undertaken without specialist equipment.

Therefore, trusting the FTA’s Driver Licence Checking service provided by Licence Bureau to guarantee their fleet of drivers can safely operate vehicles that are equipped with potentially hazardous materials, gives Pimlico something they provide to their customers on a daily basis – peace of mind.

George Lusham, Transport Manager at Pimlico Plumbers, said “The FTA’s system provided by Licence Bureau is an extremely helpful, efficient and resourceful tool that ensures our drivers remain compliant. Our reputation is built on the quick and proficient service delivered by our engineers, and with Licence Bureau’s easy-to-use licence checking portal, we can focus on providing our clients with the high quality work they can depend on.”

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