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New driving laws snare 200 a week:

New driving laws clamping down on lane hogging and tailgating have snared nearly 200 drivers a week, and have been welcomed by motoring groups. The new offences have stopped a total of 5,472 since the regulations were instituted in August last year. (Source Daily Mail)

More motorists eating at the wheel:

The number of drivers who eat behind the wheel has risen over the last twelve months, research has shown. At least 29% of the 1,000 drivers quizzed by road safety charity Brake admitted to opening and eating food while on the road. (Source ITV News)

More than 1.4m unknowingly suffers from Obstructive Sleep Apnoea Syndrome:

One in 20 drivers unknowingly suffers from a sleeping disorder that puts them at risk of nodding off at the wheel, the RAC warns today. It says 1.4million motorists are a risk to themselves and other road users due to Obstructive Sleep Apnoea Syndrome. (Source Daily Mail)

Southampton bids to cut lorry traffic with new delivery service:

A new delivery service has started in Southampton in a bid to reduce the number of lorry journeys in the city centre by 75%. The scheme allows drivers to leave their goods at a collection point on the edge of the city for delivery in smaller vans, combining lots of jobs in a single trip. (Source, BBC News)

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