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Empowering business drivers in bid to increase road safety

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Licence Bureau has launched Empowered Driving – its new driver training solution designed to optimise business risk management controls and put personal safety management back into the hands of drivers.

Empowered Driving gives business drivers the ability to re-evaluate the way they drive and bring new ways of thinking to the forefront. It provides drivers with the tools and strategies to question existing behaviours and take onboard a more controlled and calm methodology towards driving.

Empowered Driving helps create a ‘culture’ for personal accountability and transparency amongst drivers, allowing management to take control of any driving issues and reduce the risk of ‘at work’ road related incidents.

Working in groups of up to 16 participants, delivered from a location of choice and lasting for 2.5 hours, participants explore subjects such as why people have accidents, the most common incidents and how does distraction and speed affect outcomes.

Empowered Driving also includes 10 bolt-on, 30 minutes modules that can be included as part of the experience. These modules include areas such as speed awareness, driver fatigue, electric vehicles, ADAS familiarisation, and night driving. Two modules can be added per any one Empowered Driving session.

Martin Starkey, training development manager, Licence Bureau, said, ‘Empowered Driving has been created to do exactly what it suggests – empower business drivers with the insight and knowledge to make the right decisions they are faced with on a day-to-day basis.

‘The benefits to empowering drivers is two-fold, not only does the individual driver take on greater responsibility and understanding of the challenges faced daily as well as the opportunities to enhance their skillsets, but so too do organisations benefit from drivers taking greater personal ownership and responsibility for their actions.’

Empowered Driving, along with the 10 bolt-on modules, is available now from Licence Bureau.

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