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On December 8th 2016, Licence Bureau started ’12 Driver Distractions of Christmas’ social media campaign, in partnership with Brake, the road safety charity, running for 12 working days to December 23rd. The traditional 12 days of Christmas would usually start on the 25th December for the following 12 days however the impact on business would have been negligible.

Every day an image dedicated to a different distraction behind the wheel was shared through our social media channels.

Each image covered a different theme, with Licence Bureau highlighting what is causing each distraction behind the wheel, and which one of Brake’s six pledges should be applied.

The campaign was born when Licence Bureau, the licence checking and compliance company, paired up with construction specialists, Skanska, in November 2016 to deliver their annual road safety workshops as part of Brake’s Road Safety Week.

Running in tandem with Brake’s annual road safety theme, which in 2016 focused on ‘Making the Pledge’ to be Slow, Sober, Secure, Silent, Sharp and Sustainable, road safety professionals from Licence Bureau and Skanska reiterated the importance of remaining focused behind the wheel, using real-life examples to demonstrate the potential consequences of driving while distracted.

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