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Highlighting circumstances in which a driver’s licence could be revoked:

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Failure to surrender licence for endorsement
The Secretary of State has the power to revoke a licence that has not been endorsed.
When a notice of revocation is served the licence holder is covered to drive for up to 28 days from the date that the revocation is set on the driving record. Within this period the licence holder must surrender their licence for endorsement, or apply for a duplicate if the licence is lost. Failure to comply with the licence requirements within 28 days results in the loss of entitlement to drive. Once the 28 day period has lapsed the driver must then submit an application for a renewal driving licence.

New Drivers Act 1995
As a result of the New Drivers Act, a person must serve a probationary period of two years, when they become a qualified driver.
For the purposes of the New Drivers Act a person becomes a qualified driver on the first occasion when they pass a driving test in the UK, another EEA state, the Channel Islands, Gibraltar or the Isle of Man.
Drivers who accumulate six or more penalty points during their probationary period will have their licences automatically revoked by the DVLA acting on behalf of the Secretary of State. Valid penalty points incurred prior to the test pass will also be taken into account for revocation purposes.
In order to regain full entitlement the driver will be required to apply again for a provisional driving licence, and comply with the “learner” conditions until they pass both the theory and practical test.

Driving licence granted in error
Where a licence is granted to an individual in error the Secretary of State (in practice DVLA) may serve notice on the individual revoking the licence and requiring the individual to surrender it to the SoS. A licence granted in error could include a licence that was granted by DVLA on the basis of a fraudulent application and later detected.

Medical revocation
All drivers are required by law to notify DVLA, at any time, of any medical condition which may affect their fitness to drive.
When such a notification is received an investigation is carried out to determine whether or not the individual should hold a licence.
Depending on the information provided, the driver could retain their licence, their driving licence could be revoked, or they could be issued with a short period licence so they can be monitored at regular intervals.
In the case of a revoked licence, in order to be issued with a new licence the individual would have to satisfy the requirements (including medical) as set out by the Secretary of State.

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