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FleetWorld article highlights our Compliance Managed Services

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Malcolm Maycock
Malcolm Maycock, MD of the Licence Bureau

A new web tool has been launched by the Licence Bureau to provide fleets with an integrated solution for licence checking and risk management/assessment.

Intended to help provide firms with an auditable trail to show compliance with duty of care and corporate manslaughter legislation, the firm’s Compliance Managed Services are aimed at businesses of any size with either company car and/or “grey” fleet drivers.

Led by industry demand, the web tool builds on the firm’s existing licence checking solution by adding in the ability for firms to carry out checks on environmental, health/safety compliance and grey fleet management parameters. Any areas of non-compliance can be flagged up by automated alerts tailored to the customers’ own needs, with full reporting provided.

Following an investment of over £80k, the Windows 8-based portal is based on a system of “tiles” on the home page covering different areas, which can be tailored depending on individual fleet needs to create a personal “Hub” of information.

The newly launched system already covers four areas – licence checking, grey fleet, daily rental and people (ie non drivers) – with others to come on board.

The licence checking system is linked with DVLA data and works by requiring permission from drivers to check licence and general driving compliance – if drivers do not agree to be checked, they are therefore unable to drive for work.

This can then be interfaced with other data from the client to build up a comprehensive picture of drivers.

Based on this data, the system can then flag up drivers who may need further training, using the firm’s own criteria, for example if they exceed a set amount of penalty points or drive an annual mileage above a certain threshold. This allows cost-effective training, as only drivers fulfilling these criteria are indentified and put forward for analysis. The system can then interface with the client’s own driver training supplier to follow up the suggested actions, or use a supplier partnered with the Licence Bureau.

And with HR increasingly becoming involved in the fleet function, the system also offers a “People” tile that includes HR-specific details about the car assigned to a driver, latest licence checks, number of points, location of office, etc; thereby providing a tool for monitoring drivers on an individual basis.

Commenting on the Portal’s ability to help identify those most in need of training, Malcolm Maycock, managing director of the Licence Bureau, said: ‘Most organisations that go in to sell you a risk assessment don’t want to sell you one, they want to sell you 100 or 1,000. We’re quite happy if this system allows you to filter out the one member of your organisation that meets your criteria – if that’s what you believe your risk is, you’ll get one. If you think it’s more, then you’ll get more. If you’re drivers are particularly brilliant and you don’t take on anyone new in the year, you’ll get none. It’s all about working to the client’s specification.’

The system is currently being updated to include a Work Place Incident tile, giving the ability for drivers to record accident details straight after the event to ensure an accurate record of the incident, providing audit and legal compliance.

Also included amongst plans for other tabs will be a “Fines” section that enables clients to record and pay fines directly for speeding, parking etc.

Using the data collated by the different functions, the portal can provide an audit system in the event of an accident to show compliance with corporate care/corporate manslaughter protection and to provide detailed information, if required, on the resultant risk management steps taken to cover the company in the event of a legal dispute.

The system is priced from £150 a year, with firms able to take extra functions and tabs for an additional fee, allowing them to build the Hub to their exact specification.

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