Wear It Pink Day Fundraiser 2022

News Article | November 2022

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TTC Group employees continue to take part in fundraising initiatives by organising a Wear It Pink Day fundraising event, during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Following on from last year's fundraising success, marking the 20th anniversary of the Wear It Pink Day, TTC Group staff  helped raise money and awareness of breast cancer.

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Everyone throughout the business got involved throughout Wear It Pink Day, organising fun games, bingo and our famous bake sale.

Pink was clearly the colour of the day, with TTC Group staff wearing an impressive range of pink clothing.  Recognising that breast cancer does not discriminate and affects both men and women, it was great to see everyone getting involved.

The team managed to raise nearly £200 on the day, with TTC Group committing to double any funds raised, totalling an impressive £371.26 being donated to Breast Cancer Now.


During 2022, around 55,000 women and 370 men in the UK will be diagnosed with breast cancer.  TTC Group are humbled to be able to help support the Breast Cancer Now charity by taking part in fundraising for the Wear It Pink Day 2022. 

TTC Group staff chose to support Breat Cancer Now to remember loved ones that have sadly been lost to breat cancer.   We hope that by continuing to support fundraising throughout October's Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we can do our little bit to help make life-changing research and support happen