TTC welcomes pledge to zero-emission fleet future

Press release | October 2020

As an environmentally minded organisation, TTC Group welcomes commitments being made within the vehicle leasing and fleet management markets to significantly drive sales of battery electric and plug-in hybrid vehicle fleets throughout the UK.

In recognition that road transport decarbonisation has accelerated at a higher rate than previously anticipated, the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA) has announced the launch of their 2020 ‘Plug in Pledge’. This pledge forecasts that by 2025, the vehicle leasing industry will own and operate 75% of Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) on UK roads, which will total an estimated 900,000 vehicles.

TTC Group understands the role that our organisation will play in supporting the vehicle leasing industry and the wider Government’s ‘Road to Zero’ strategy, which aims to clean up road transport and lead the world in the developing, manufacturing and using zero emission road vehicles.

TTC Group delivers road safety training to over 500,000 UK drivers per year and also works with several BVRLA member vehicle leasing organisations to help manage their driver and fleet risk. 

Jim Kirkwood, CEO of TTC Group said:

“It is great to see the BVRLA making such a strong commitment towards zero-emission fleets on the back of the Government’s earlier announcement on wind power providing electricity to all UK homes by 2030.”

“TTC Group has strong Environmental, Social and corporate Governance (ESG) credentials evidenced by the number of awards we have received, the most recent from the British Venture Capital Association (BVCA).  We fully support the accelerating move to electric vehicles together with the new training programmes and ancillary services that will support that deployment nationally.”

Earlier this year, TTC Group funded the installation of an electric vehicle recharge station at our Head Office car park, which is available to both staff and clients attending courses.  We continue to work with fleet operators to raise awareness of the benefits of reducing fleet emissions, including the delivery of TTC’s ‘Electric Aware’ courses, which is currently being delivered as online Virtual Classrooms.

Visit to find out more about what TTC Group are doing to work towards the Government’s ‘Road to Zero’ strategy, as well as the measures we have in place to continue delivering Virtual Classroom training during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Original BVRLA press article ‘2020 Plug-in Pledge’: