TTC secures Speed Awareness contract in London

Press Release | February 2022

TfL & MPS Speed Enforcement London TTC Group

TTC 2000 Ltd are appointed to deliver speed awareness courses in the Metropolitan Police Service area on behalf of Transport for London (TfL) under the National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme (NDORS)

Commencing October 1st 2022, TTC 2000 Ltd, the leading UK provider of Police and Court referred Road Safety schemes, has been appointed to deliver speed awareness courses in the Metropolitan Police Service (the Met) London area on behalf of TfL, under the National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme (NDORS).

Through this appointment, TTC’s comprehensive choice of both online and classroom-based speed awareness courses supports the London Mayor’s ambitious Vision Zero objective, which aims to eliminate all deaths and serious injury from London’s roads by 2041. As part of the Vision Zero strategy, TfL has been working with the Met to increase the level of police enforcement to tackle speeding and the harm it causes.

TTC’s highly regarded speed awareness courses, to be delivered across the whole of Greater London, will support London’s Vision Zero plan to reduce road danger, by educating drivers on the importance of driving within the speed limit. TTC’s data shows that its courses are an effective method of changing behaviour among drivers who have been caught speeding and are eligible to attend a course and improve driving standards in the long term. These courses are proven to reduce reoffending which helps to reduce risk on the roads.

In 2021/2022, the Met enforced 476,685 speeding offences, 199,105 more than in the previous year and an increase of 72 per cent. Collision data from around the world shows that the speed at which people are driving or riding is the single most important factor in whether a crash takes place and how severely people are injured. The devastating impact speeding can have on local communities is why speed enforcement across London is so important for TfL and the police.

TTC will deliver courses via its city-wide community of both online and classroom-based trainers, which is expanding in order to fulfil the increasing demand as a result of increased enforcement of speeding.

Ben Davies, Manager (Police & Court Referred) at TTC, stated:
“Working alongside Regional Manager, Glen Suttenwood, trainer recruitment has been very successful across Greater London, with interviews and training starting within days of the contract award.”

He added: “Combining these recruits with an influx of licenced NDORS trainers joining the panel, which currently sits in excess of 70 London-based trainers, TTC has also recruited two new Assistant Managers, Aadam Malik and Matt Foster.  Both have been working closely with the new trainer panel and have been instrumental in organising the mentoring program for the new trainers, pairing our new trainers with the more experienced members of our NDORS trainer community.  The support of our experienced trainer teams has been invaluable, sharing their experience and skills with the newly recruited trainers, mentoring them to gain their NDORS licence.”

TTC’s national recruitment for our digital trainer community has simultaneously been moving at an impressive pace, with over 260 new NDORS trainers joining TTC during the last quarter.  This has enabled us to be best placed to meet demand and provide diversity of access to clients.  We have been successful in attracting people offering evening and weekend courses to further enhance our offer to suit the needs of our clients.

“We are pleased to be partnering with TTC to tackle speeding and the undisputable risk and harm it causes on London’s roads. Speeding is reckless, illegal and has devastating consequences. Around half of fatal road traffic collisions in London have speed as a factor. The speed awareness courses provided by TTC are so important in changing attitudes to speeding and improving road user behaviour, helping to achieve our Vision Zero goal of eliminating death and serious injury from London's streets.”

Mandy McGregor Head of Policing and Community Safety, Transport for London

Sharon Haynes, Director (Police & Court Referred) at TTC commented: “We are extremely proud to be working with Transport for London and the Metropolitan Police to deliver the National Driver Offender Speed Awareness Retraining Scheme across London. This scheme gives people the opportunity to be educated and improve their driving behaviour, which, in turn, saves lives.”
“TTC is grateful for the chance to support the London Mayor in his Vision Zero goals and together we can “eradicate deaths and serious injuries from our roads and make London a safer, healthier and greener place.” Added Sharon Haynes.