TTC Receives West Midlands Police Commendation

Press Release | April 2021

TTC has been awarded a commendation by West Midlands Police for our responsiveness and dedication to delivering Social Value throughout the West Midlands region during the pandemic.

The Chief Constable’s Award was given in appreciation for the generosity that TTC has shown through fundraising and charitable donations, volunteering and other initiatives that have helped benefit the local communities throughout the West Midlands.

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TTC 2000 Limited West Midlands Police Commendation

Sharon Haynes, Client Services Director for TTC Group said: “Myself, my team and colleagues across TTC are incredibly proud to receive this prestigious commendation from Chief Constable Sir David Thompson. We have worked closely with our colleagues within West Midlands Police for over ten years now and are dedicated to our partnership working and support of the community within which we serve. This has been an incredibly challenging year for so many and we are honoured to have played our part in helping those that need our support most.”

Initially appointed in 2010 as the National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme (NDORS) provider for West Midlands Police, the past 12 months has been like no other, seeing TTC transition from courses such as the National Speed Awareness Course to being delivered online as Digital Classrooms. This has enabled those caught committing driving offences to have access to behaviour change courses during the Covid-19 pandemic, where social distancing measures prevented classroom courses from taking place.

One consequence of moving to online course delivery is that training venues, which are mostly sourced from within the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise sector, have seen a significant reduction in regular income. Sharon Haynes (pictured) said: “Through the loss of regular revenue of a number of local charities through the Covid-19 pandemic, who TTC would otherwise be able to continue utilising for our NDORS course delivery, my concern was that these charities would struggle to continue reaching the most vulnerable people and offer support within their own communities.”

“Whilst organisations such as TTC were fortunately able to adapt and continue to operate during the pandemic and national lockdowns, I feel it is our responsibility to help support local charities in any way possible, to help ensure that vulnerable and less advantaged people continue to receive support.”

Sharon Haynes

Rebecca Butler, Business Support and Facilities Supervisor for the All Saints Action Network, Wolverhampton added: “TTC continues to support the All Saints Action Network through very substantial charitable cash donations, which have helped to support and fund multiple summer and Christmas festivals in the local deprived area.”

“Without these donations children from the local area would not have been able to experience sand under their feet or have been given the chance to ride on a donkey for the first time, something that may not seem particularly important, but could have had a tremendous impact on the young children’s minds. Through her support of ASAN, we have also been able to reach out to the area and help to support the mental health of the community through the means of referrals to clinics and doctors, something that is needed now more than ever.”

“TTC has also made multiple other donations to our events in the form of raffle prizes and has always shown immense loyalty to our McMillan cake days and our International Women’s day events, to name a few.”

TTC has supported a number of other charities throughout the West Midlands region, including donations to Age Concern UK, Let’s Feed Brum homeless support charity and other community-based charities offering foodbanks and mental wellbeing support for local residents.

Matt Jewkes, Business Development Manager for TTC Group said: “Adding Social Value to any contract is really important to us and allows TTC to give something back to the community. We provide regular reports to West Midlands Police on our Social Value commitments, evidencing what initiatives and charitable donations TTC has undertaken which positively impact the people of the West Midlands. It is a privilege to work alongside West Midlands Police to be able to offer support to those that need it the most.”