TTC announces partnership to reduce drink driving

Press Release | May 2023

TTC partners with Alcodigital to lower rates of accidental drink driving.

An alarming number of drivers attending drink driving rehabilitation courses are unaware of the UK’s drink driving limits and how long it takes the human body to process alcohol. For these drivers, a drink driving charge has come about as the result of getting behind the wheel the morning after they last had a drink.

For TTC, the UK’s leading provider of Drink Drive Rehabilitation courses which educates people with a Drink Drive conviction about alcohol and its effects, so encouraging people to make more informed and safer life choices, leading to a reduction in reoffending.  The message of NONE for the road is clear.

However, evidence gathered over the thousands of courses run per year shows that for many motorists, working out units of alcohol consumed vs. time elapsed is a calculation that can place road users in danger and result in a fine and a driving ban.

AlcoDigital - Leaders in alcohol and drug testing

The official recommendation for drivers is not to get behind the wheel having consumed alcohol in any quantity, and to be certain of safety and legality, the use of a breathalyser can give drivers an accurate reading of their blood alcohol levels, and a clear indication of their legality to drive.

TTC cautions drivers that, with the broad range of breath alcohol testing devices on the market, many are not officially calibrated and so cannot be relied upon for accuracy. As such, TTC has partnered with Alcodigital, a provider of affordable and accurate breathalysers for use by motorists.

Attendees of TTC’s courses will be recommended a choice of two AlcoDigital devices and given the ability to purchase either device at a discounted rate. Together, TTC and AlcoDigital aim to decrease the rates of reoffending for drivers across the UK.

TTC’s National Manager, Police & Court Referred Offender Education, David Barrell commented:

“TTC’s ultimate aim is to reduce re-offending rates through education and to create safer roads for all users. Working alongside our partner AlcoDigital, we are helping our course attendees to make more informed, safer choices before getting behind the wheel. In reducing the rates of reoffending, we are also reducing the impact on Roads Policing units, the Criminal Justice system, the NHS and the overall cost borne by all road users and insurers.”

“The only safe limit when driving is NONE for the road.” Added Barrell.

AlcoDigitals Director of Sales, Martin Slade said: “AlcoDigital is delighted to partner with TTC to provide AlcoDigital NEO and Platinum Personal Breathalysers at a discounted rate. This initiative will provide clients who attend TTC Group drink drive rehabilitation courses with the opportunity to purchase an analytically accurate, reliable, and robust personal breathalyser.

AlcoDigital was established in 2002 and is recognised as drug and alcohol testing experts in UK. It provides specialist equipment, which includes vehicle alcohol ignition interlocks (, and accessories in support of companies Drug & Alcohol Policies.