FORS Vulnerable Road User Funded Programme

Case Study | January 2022

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TTC Group delivers FORS Professional Vulnerable Road User courses to meet Work-Related Road Risk requirememts.

In 2021, AECOM, the FORS Concessionaire from 2015 to 2022, commissioned TTC Group to administer and deliver a programme of funded FORS Professional Vulnerable Road
User (VRU) driver training for its members in 13 key towns and cities across the UK.

VRU driver training is required for members to meet their Work-Related Road Risk (WRRR) requirements within both FORS and Construction Logistics and Community Safety (CLOCS) Standards.

Case Study

Find out more about how TTC Group is supporting FORS members throughout the UK in their commitment to protect vulnerable road users, delivering FORS Professional Vulnerable Road User courses to HGV drivers.

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Following a year of uncertainty for in-person VRU driver training due to the pandemic, TTC Group relished the opportunity to work with FORS to plan and deliver a nationwide funded training programme for FORS members. This programme was the perfect return to ‘business-as-usual’ for FORS Professional VRU driver training and the positive delegate feedback speaks for itself.

Louise Elstone TTC Product Manager Professional Driver Training

"AECOM is delighted with the outcomes of the 2021 FORS-funded VRU driver training programme. We have been
impressed throughout with the level of service provided by TTC Group. The quality of training delivery, combined with their speed of response, attention to detail and professional approach were essential to the success of this programme."

Sonia Hayward
FORS Manager