A world-first partnership for fleet driver safety

Press release | September 2020

TTC Group and Collision Management Systems deliver breakthrough in fleet driver safety

TTC Group and Collision Management Systems Ltd (CMS) have partnered to create a world-first for fleet driver safety.

Combining CMS’s telematics data aggregation technology with TTC’s driver risk management solution via its new Continuum Dynamic Data Engine, the initiative provides managers and users with a real-time, personalised driver risk management programme.

The joint proposition allows fleet operators to connect any existing devices such as connected vehicles, telematics units, mobile apps or connected cameras to the system which then aggregates the information into a standardised format for comparable and consistent insights. The system is completely data-source agnostic.

TTC & CMS Partnership

As well as automatically triggering certain learning modules for a driver, all data collected by the Dynamic Data Engine is analysed and displayed within the TTC Continuum portal.

This allows users to enhance their risk insights with full visibility of all fleet, driver and remote worker risk-related data. Real time alerts notify of any critical incidents, whilst system analytics allow personalised driver training and e-learning to be delivered automatically to each driver.

This dedicated user interface provides four key insights:

  • Is my overall risk profile going up or down?
  • What risky behaviours are occurring most often within my business?
  • What employees are displaying those behaviours most often and how can I address this?
  • What incidents are happening right now that I need to respond to?

All the data that is aggregated by this engine is also stored in highly structured data sets meaning any part of a user’s business, customers or suppliers could also access this information easily and securely as required.

Jim Kirkwood, CEO, TTC Group, said: “Combining CMS’s data aggregating technology with our all-round approach to road safety creates an exciting proposition for the fleet market.

“The Continuum Dynamic Data Engine really is a first for the fleet sector and the advantages of enhanced risk insight, reduced incident frequency, more engaged drivers and a futureproof investment are all key ingredients in the drive to increase road safety.”

The futureproof system comes with a commitment to integrate any future connected hardware or data sources, ensuring users can access the latest technology and innovation.

CMS CEO Charles Smith said: “CMS is committed to helping fleets and insurers use their data to create a safer world. By bringing these two solutions together, we’re delivering on this commitment and empowering customers to operate some of the safest fleets in the world.

“We’re also immensely proud that an industry leader such as TTC has chosen to be powered by CMS. I am in no doubt that the combination of our technologies with TTC’s extensive customer base will be a powerful combination.”

(Picture:Jim Kirkwood, CEO, TTC Group)