Speed Awareness course: Nick Hodgson


A former police advanced driver has praised the driver awareness course he attended after being caught speeding.

Nick Hodgson, 52, a former West Yorkshire traffic officer, said he was also pleased that the course fee goes towards road safety education.

He said the 4-hour session at the Priory Campus in Barnsley, delivered by TTC trainers, was “captivating” and reminded him of forgotten driving skills.

People from “all walks of life” attended the course and were equally full of praise, he said.

“I was pleased to hear that course fees make a positive contribution towards road safety and increasing road safety awareness,” said Mr Hodgson, who lives in Wakefield.

“I thought it would be a waste of time but it was a captivating course and a pleasure to attend. We all need reminding sometimes about forgotten driving skills.”

Mr Hodgson, who left the force in 1990, said he was caught speeding at 35mph in Rotherham Road after a loss of concentration.

He said: “The trainer was talking about reading the road ahead which as an advanced driver I know all about but it was surprising how many people did not know about hazard perception and looking ahead.

“I came away from the course having re-learned quite a bit that I had forgotten. There were so many of us on the course who thought it was brilliant.”

The speed awareness course is designed to be informative and a positive experience for those who attend.

South Yorkshire Roads Policing Chief Inspector Glen Suttenwood said: “I am pleased Mr Hodgson feels he has re-learned some of his driving skills and that he found the course useful. It’s designed to educate drivers and remind them of how to keep themselves, their passengers and other drivers safe on our roads, to further reduce injuries and fatalities in our county.”