“My Transport Planner” Route Optimisation Solution

Press release | March 2021

Fleet Management Route Planning Team optimisation

TTC Group's integration of the 'My Transport Planner' route optimisation solution delivers financial and environmental benefits throughout the transport industry

My Transport Planner is a revolutionary, pay-as-you-go (PAYG), web-based transport planning tool designed for commercial vehicle operators of all sizes. It goes beyond basic route planners to deliver substantial increases in vehicle utilisation and reductions in total fleet mileage. Reducing mileage also reduces the risk of involvement in a road traffic incident. Smarter scheduling minimises the risk of speeding as deliveries, collections and site visits are more accurately planned.

My Transport Planner is also available on a contract basis with enhanced features such as mobile apps and the ability to link via an API to your existing transport or fleet management systems.

Our research indicates that only about five per cent of fleets are using optimisation. This means that a significant amount of organisations are operating at a commercial disadvantage, because they are not realising its efficiency and cost saving benefits.

Colin Ferguson Co-founder of The Algorithm People

In November 2020, TTC Group announced a partnership deal with The Algorithm People, for the integration of the My Transport Planner route optimisation solution within the TTC Continuum driver risk management platform.

Oliver Raisbeck, Commercial Director, TTC Group said: “Providing clients with access to My Transport Planner via the TTC Continuum platform is another major step forward in our journey of connecting the industry under a single touch point and providing users with a truly holistic view of their fleet and drivers performance.”

“It provides commercial fleet operators with the ability to quickly and accurately optimise the overall performance of their vehicles, and creates a more dynamic environment – vital in today’s fast-moving business world – that ensures sustainability remains at the heart of operations’ activity.”

'My Transport Planner ' Route Optimisation

Key Benefits

Reduced incidents: Smarter route planning reduces total mileage, leading to fewer incidents

Reduced speeding: Improved planning helps ensure that drivers can fulfil their tasks without pressure to break speed limits

Reduced risk: Daily vehicle checks via mobile apps improve compliance and reduce risk

Driver welfare:  Automated planning can ensure drivers take the correct breaks without fear of missing their deliveries/job times, which reduces stress and fatigue

A reduction in down time:  Fewer incidents means fewer days lost while vehicles are repaired

Efficiency benefits

1. A saving in planning time:  Import jobs, allocate and optimise them within minutes
2. A reduction in total mileage:  More efficient route planning reduces mileage by up to 20%
3. An increase in productivity:  Optimisation means more jobs per vehicle, per shift
4. A reduction in costs:  Total cost reductions of up to 30%, providing instant ROI for users
5. A reduction in emissions:  Reduced mileage and emissions helps to meet sustainability goals
6. An improvement in compliance:  Mobile apps for daily vehicle defect checks
7. A reduction in fraudulent claims:  Mobile apps for electronic proof of delivery (ePOD)

Truck Driver route optimisation reduces stress

I just love it - it makes my life so much easier. Now I can give the orders for each van to the picking team, whereas before the drivers had to find each order in the warehouse. It took up to three hours to load each van, whereas it is now under an hour per van, so it is saving us a huge amount of time. The goods get loaded into the vans in the correct order, according to the manifest.

Peter Banfalvi General Manager, Classic Fresh Foods

Additional advantages

  • Supports home delivery:  This has increased by an estimated 100% due to Covid-19
  • Provides a competitive advantage:  As 95% of fleets do not yet use route optimisation
  • Higher functionality:  Much more functionality than basic route planners
  • Mixed fleet capabilities:  Optimises mixed fleets of EV and conventional vehicles
  • No complex integration:  Unlike other route optimisation providers
  • Fully web-based system:  Enables flexible working outside the office

The TTC Continuum driver risk management solution is a first for the fleet sector, integrating data from many sources including telematics, driver behaviour and in-vehicle technology, to deliver unparalleled insight into driver risk and compliance management through real-time dashboards and management information.

Visit www.thettcgroup.com to find out how TTC Continuum can help optimise your fleet and driver performance, reduce driver risk and support your organisation in meeting its emission reduction targets.