Reported drink driving road casualties GB 2018

Industry news | February 2020

DfT, February 12th 2020, provisional estimates have been reported on road casualties in Great Britain 2018 involving illegal alcohol levels.

It is estimated the number of deaths in accidents with at least one driver over the alcohol limit for 2018 is 240. This represents about 13% of all deaths in reported road accidents in 2018.

  • An estimated 8,700 people were killed or injured when at least one driver was over the drink-drive limit. This represents an increase of 1% from 8,600 in 2017, although it is lower than in 2016
  • The total number of accidents where at least one driver was over the alcohol limit rose by 4% to 5,900 in 2018

View full results: DfT 2018 road casualties estimates involving illegal alcohol levels

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