Driver risk solution for FTSE 100 business

Designing & delivering a bespoke nationwide programme

  1. The business

    A FTSE 100 home delivery business operating a van-based fleet across the UK.

  2. The problem

    Through an in-depth driver/crash analysis, our client calculated driver training was fundamentally a core foundation of its business success.

  3. The solution

    We built a business-specific internal driver training programme, empowering our client to train its own staff, while meeting the legal requirements for driving instruction. This included ADI training and train the trainer coaching.

We listened carefully to what the client wanted and then worked with them to execute a significant change in their driving training programme

Andy Wheeler Technical Delivery Director, TTC Fleet and Driver Risk Management

Business challenge
Our client is a major home delivery organisation that has seen the cost of operating a van-based delivery fleet reduce significantly through a long-term, strategic approach to driver training.

Following a thorough review of its operations and business goals, the client calculated, through an in-depth driver/crash analysis, that driver training was fundamentally a core foundation of its business success.

In fact, driver training was so crucial in reducing costs, year-on-year, the client decided it wanted to deliver its driver training internally, with a completely unique training syllabus and embracing alternative delivery methods. This was considered to be a competitive step forward compared with continually outsourcing its driver training to a third-party provider offering more generic training courses.

However, the people, skills and core required to deliver high-quality driver training to potentially thousands of drivers were not readily available within the client’s home delivery operation.

As a result, we were commissioned to help the client build, from scratch, its own unique internal driver training programme which would be delivered nationwide.

Our Approach
We train over 500,000 people every year to be safer drivers and understand how corporate fleets operate and the challenges they face.

Working with the client’s home delivery leadership team, we agreed on the goals of the project upfront. Together, we identified that syllabus development and an internal training programme – 'train the trainer' – would ensure new recruits could be fully qualified Fleet-accredited Approved Driving Instructors (FADIs) within 6 months. It was also agreed that there was a need for a defined set-up phase, a roll-out phase as well as a definite requirement for ongoing driver education for all drivers, anywhere in the UK.

Trainer recruitment
The client needed to recruit over 20 new FADIs quickly. It offered, after an initial assessment, new driver trainer positions to eight staff – a pilot group – who were immediately put on the programme, most of them only holding a standard driving licence. These initial recruits were then offered standard ADI training by us, followed by a new course that brought them up to full fleet-accreditation standard, as required by the DVSA. After that, the trainers were given training in delivering the full day training programme provided to all new home delivery drivers.

Syllabus development
Three core, tailor-made training programmes were required to be developed specifically for the client. These courses were an essential ADI course, an in-house new driver course, and a 5-day 'train the trainer' course so the trainers could deliver a home delivery training course for all drivers. The sessions were unique and, in addition to traditional driver training courses, encompasses advanced manoeuvring skills, health and safety, customer service, route planning, dynamic risk assessments, collision investigation and the psychology of driving. All training focused heavily on driver coaching and delivery while ensuring the client’s culture was embedded into the entire programme.

Programme set-up and roll-out
Setting up and rolling out an internal, nationwide training capability was not an easy logistical task. However, by planning carefully from the start and working closely with the client’s Project Manager and On-Line Manager, we were able to provide support across several existing training centres throughout the UK to deliver ADI training as well as train the trainer course coaching. Today, the programme has been fully rolled out with over 20 in-house trainers delivering driver training to new and existing drivers.

Ongoing driver education
A related, but separate, initiative was to deliver ongoing training to existing and new drivers. Working closely with the client’s own learning and development team, we today provided subject matter expertise for a number of online training modules, accessible by the entire driving community. Covering topics such as manoeuvring, hazard awareness, tailgating and the dangers of excessive speed, every driver receives a blended learning approach of online learning and practical driving experience.

Andy Wheeler, head of our training academy, said:

“This scale of project requires a real strategic relationship with our client and a massive amount of trust in our capability to deliver. We listened carefully to what the client wanted and then worked with them to execute a significant change in their driving training programme, utilising best practice, the skills of our trainers and benefits of new technology, including online learning modules.

"The end result for the client today is safer drivers having fewer collisions and costing the client less money in running their home delivery operations. Brilliant!”

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