Rehabilitation course reduces drink drive offences

Recent research published by the Department of Justice Northern Ireland finds that drink drive offenders who complete the Course for Drink Drive Offenders (CDDO), delivered by TTC Group, significantly reduces reoffending rates.

The courts in Northern Ireland can offer drink-drive offenders the opportunity to attend a drink-drive rehabilitation course as a sentencing option. Where an offender is disqualified for 12 months or more the court may order the period of disqualification be reduced if the offender satisfactorily completes an approved Course for Drink-Drive Offenders.

Attendance is voluntary and those successfully completing the course can receive a reduction of up to 25% in the period of disqualification.

The educational tackles the problems associated with drink-driving, giving participants the chance to develop future non-offending behaviour and, thereby, reduce reoffending.

View the report: Reoffending analysis for drink drive offenders in Northern Ireland 2010 to 2013 (Published Sept 2019).