Best wishes to Steve Mears

News Article | July 2023

Steve Mears, retires from TTC Group

After an exceptional 30-year career in law enforcement, rising through the ranks to the esteemed position of Chief Superintendent Dyfed Powys Police, and almost six years with TTC Group as the Regional Manager for South Wales and Gwent’s NDORS Trainer Panel, Steve Mears is bidding farewell and embarking on a well-deserved retirement. 

Ben Davies from TTC has penned these words of appreciation for all that Steve has contributed towards the promotion of the Welsh language in the NDORS Scheme.

It is evident that Steve’s dedication, leadership and unwavering commitment to community engagement have left an indelible mark on the South Wales and Gwent regions.

One of Steve’s notable contributions is his role as a Governor for a local secondary school. By providing guidance and support, Steve demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the education and wellbeing of the region’s youth.

Steve has played a pivotal role in promoting and preserving the Welsh language and culture within the Gwent and South Wales regions. Recognising the importance of linguistic diversity and inclusivity, Steve introduced the Welsh Language coordinator position, championing the rights of Welsh-speaking individuals and communities. Steve has also gained TTC’s Welsh Language accreditation and supported with our UKROEd Annual Provider Reviews.

Steve has been a huge support for me in my role with TTC supporting me with the internal monitoring programme and our Welsh language provision. I started in my position with TTC the week before the lockdown in 2020, and you could say it was a baptism of fire! Being able to seek the guidance and support of Steve and his extensive experience and skill set was invaluable in TTC’s mobilisation of the online courses and in shaping our current hybrid offering.

The only constant is change, and Steve has been telling me he is retiring for three years now, but he assures me this is it. While colleagues and community members will undoubtedly feel his departure, it is a time to celebrate Steve’s remarkable achievements and contributions. I wish him well and forgive him for making me feel like I was under criminal investigation every time he wanted to process-map something.

Steve’s exemplary career, marked by professionalism, community engagement, and a passion for the Welsh language, inspires all those who follow in his footsteps.

Congratulations, Steve on an extraordinary career and a well-earned retirement. May this new chapter be filled with joy, fulfilment, and the knowledge that your contributions have made a lasting difference in the lives of many.

TTC director Sharon Haynes commented: “Working with Steve for almost six years has been an absolute pleasure. His passion for our Welsh contract has been obvious throughout and we have been extremely lucky to have him in the role of Regional Manager Wales for so long.

“He has built strong relationships with our contract leads and with Iestyn from UKROEd, working hard to increase the number of clients attending Welsh speaking courses, whilst also obtaining Cynnig Cymraeg.

“The time has now come for Steve to retire, and we will miss him greatly. I wish him well with his travels and golf tournaments! Thank you Steve and enjoy your retirement.”

Geraint ‘Gezi’ Davies, assistant manager Welsh for TTC, said: “I have known Steve for a number of years, having worked alongside him in the Police. Over the last few years as one of his assistant managers.

“The skills he has acquired, he has brought to the South Wales region. The way he has managed the team treating everyone with respect, irrespective of the length of service, all trainers in the area were treated in the same professional and caring manner.

“Due to his management style he has created a close knit team of trainers. He has been an asset at all levels. Developing and leading the team, his open style of leadership, concerns for the welfare of all the trainers he managed has made him an asset, TTC will find hard to replace.

“He will be greatly missed by all who came into contact with him. All the best mate and have a happy and enjoyable retirement.”

Finally, UKROEd's Alan Jones and Iestyn Davies also sent their best wishes. “We would like to wish Steve Mears the very best in his retirement,” said Iestyn. “As a valuable member of the Welsh language group he has helped to develop it considerably and his commitment towards Welsh language initiatives and a personal willingness to promote a bilingual service to clients in Wales has been outstanding. It has been a pleasure to work with him over the past few years”.