Behavioural expert trains the trainers

Press release | April 2019

TTC Group has teamed up with one of the UK’s leading behavioural change specialists for its latest round of ‘Train the Trainer’ series of workshops across the UK. 

The driver training education specialist has delivered 10 interactive sessions that will help its nationwide team of trainers deliver the recently revised NDORS courses, including Speed Awareness, What’s Driving Us?, Safe & Considerate Driving, Motorway Awareness and RIDE for motorcyclists.

Dr Fiona Fylan, academic lead on the NDORS course development unit

These have been led by Dr Fiona Fylan, who specialises in understanding the decisions that people make that affect their well-being and how to help them make more appropriate or less risky decisions.

The health psychologist is the academic lead on the NDORS course development unit and has led evaluations of local and national driver schemes making her an ideal facilitator for the all-day workshops.

“NDORS has recently released a whole new suite of courses that are focused more on coaching rather than being simply instructional,” said Jon Robertson, Head of Service Delivery at TTC Group.

“These require our trainers to focus a lot more on behavioural change and helping people who attend the courses understand how their emotions can play a part in their driving and what to do to minimise risky decision making. This supplements the core knowledge and best practice that is already being taught.”

He added: “Normally, trainers would have to pay for this training themselves, but we want our excellent team to be up to speed as quickly as possible so have decided to put on these free ‘Train the Trainers’ sessions all over the country.

“Over 200 of our experts have completed this workshop throughout February and March, with the overall aim of improving the learning experience for our clients so that UK roads become safer places to drive.”

TTC Group, which is headquartered in Telford in the UK, delivers driver education courses to 500,000 motorists every year.

It covers large parts of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, including recent wins in Cumbria, Northamptonshire, Wiltshire and Yorkshire.

The ‘Train the Trainer’ workshops are all CPD accredited and will ensure that TTC Group’s trainers will be at the forefront of new content and delivery styles for all of the NDORS courses.

Dr Fiona Fylan said: “TTC trainers were keen to learn about the psychological theories underpinning NDORS courses and I was impressed by the level of insight they had about the theories and their applications.

“During every single session, the trainers brought their passion and commitment for road safety, along with their humour and dynamism, which made every day fly by. It was a pleasure to work with them and I’d like to thank them for the amazing job they do in delivering NDORS courses.”