100,000 Virtual Road Safety Courses Milestone

Press release | October 2020

People from around the world complete a milestone 100,000 virtual road safety courses despite Covid-19 pandemic.

TTC Group has enabled people to complete its Virtual Speed Awareness courses, no matter where they are in the world.

People 3,779 miles away in USA, 5,960 miles away in Thailand, on private yachts, and across Europe have enjoyed the new flexibility of virtual training.

During the coronavirus lockdown 100,000 people completed TTC Group’s courses, a milestone reached by the company, predominantly throughout July and August.

Conducting Speed Awareness courses virtually not only meets UK Road Offender Education (UKROEd) guidelines, but it is also convenient for attendees. Previously a Speed Awareness course could entail booking time off work, travelling, parking, organising childcare, and paying for transport.  Attendees would then sit in a room of 24 humbled strangers to learn.

A remote method of training courses removes many elements of a process that attendees found daunting or inconvenient, which can make the whole experience more pleasant. Drivers attending the virtual course can now enjoy greater anonymity, no travel time, and smaller class sizes of 9 people to build a stronger rapport with the trainer.  The classes have a 15-minute introductory slot at the beginning to become acquainted with the trainer and weed out any technical issues.

The high-quality method of virtual training has garnered an increase in positive feedback among attendees and, to date, resulted in a three per cent rise in response to the question, "have you found a positive attitude change to your driving?"

Britain ground to a halt in March following Boris Johnson’s announcement of a strict lockdown. This introduced barriers for people assigned to complete a Police referred Driver Awareness course in person.  With aims to continue vital Road Awareness courses, TTC Group worked closely alongside UKROEd to deliver accessible training for the National Speed Awareness Course, the National Motorway Awareness Course, the What’s Driving Us? Course and the theory element of the Safe & Considerate Driving Course.

Sharon Haynes, TTC Group’s Client Services Director said:  “Prior to the pandemic, we typically delivered courses to around 38,000 people per month.  The fact 100,000 clients have successfully completed courses during a pandemic speaks volumes about the delivery, the quality of service, and the strength of partnership we have with UKROEd and our Commissioning Police forces.  Despite this rise in numbers, we were able to keep ahead of all pre-scheduled appointments whilst also managing to factor in more education courses required due to the poor driving exhibited on our roads during this time."

"We are proud to have made the NDORS courses readily and conveniently available to people, in an accessible and flexible manner.  Course availability, time saved, and travel requirements have all been described as key benefits by participants, we are pleased to hear that people felt catered to."

"We also received thanks from multiple Police forces for the work undertaken.  In quarterly reviews with Police they have been very grateful with the swiftness and excellent service we’ve provided.  The option of a virtual course has demonstrated benefits to all key stakeholders from individual drivers, Police forces, other road users and employers alike."

"The pandemic has changed the face of the Driver Offender Rehabilitation programme and acts as a catalyst to consider what more we can do in association with UKROEd and our forces moving ahead.  Our end goal is to keep our roads safe, and if conducting courses which are overwhelmingly positively received means lasting change can happen, this method of training is something we should consider continuing. When the courses have a lasting impact, they can save lives."

As the UK’s largest provider of UKROEd accredited courses, TTC Group was able to provide a seamless service provision throughout lockdown.  This service provided drivers with an alternative to prosecution, fine and/or points on the licence.

TTC Group provides the NDORS course on behalf of 14 Police forces throughout England, Scotland and Wales.