Driver Safety Awareness workshop

Developing safer driving behaviours

In this highly interactive workshop our expert trainer will lead the drivers through a thought provoking session whilst providing solutions to improve their safety on the road.

By gaining an awareness of key factors which can affect driving such as fatigue, distractions, impairment, hazards, speed and being informed on safer driving techniques, this workshop will reduce your company’s vehicle running costs through improving driver safety, minimising collision rates and reputational damage.

  • Price: available on request
  • Format: classroom workshop | up to 16 drivers | 3.5 hours
  • Format: virtual classroom live | up to 12 drivers | 2 hours
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Improving safety and meeting compliance

Reduce your drivers' risks
Training will reduce driver risk, collision rates, fleet costs and reputational damage.

Meet your duty of care
Our courses are designed to help you meet your duty of care obligations.

Improve your drivers’ on-road competence and knowledge
- Recognition and management of speed
- Hazard awareness and forward planning
- Driver impairment (drink, drugs, mobiles, vehicle technology)

Marie was an excellent trainer and facilitator. Content was articulately delivered and she allowed participants to raise any concerns or challenges they had and responded both professionally and appropriately

Steven Larder Shell UK Limited

Driver benefits

Identify their own driving style and understand how the state of mind influences driving, and decision-making process​.

Understand the risks associated with distracted driving and the effects of drink and drugs, especially after the night before.

Develop eco-safe driving skills and the importance of good observations, anticipation and forward planning.

Identify varying speed limits on our roads, application of appropriate speed and for different vehicle categories.

Course details

Who should attend

Anybody who drives a vehicle for work purposes, including cars, vans, LCV (Light Commercial Vehicle), LGV (Large Goods Vehicle) or PCV (Passenger Carrying Vehicle).

Delivery method

The workshop is facilitated by a professional driver trainer who will fully engage with participants to maximise the learning experience and draw out their views and opinions.

Course outline

Behavioural aspects of driving
Explore typical driver behaviour, how others and how our/their actions can affect the way we react.

Factors affecting driving performance
Drivers gain an understanding there are many aspects which can affect driving performance and, therefore, safe driving.

Eco-safe driving
Safe and fuel-efficient driving will be defined and explored.

Effective speed management
Remind drivers what the UK speed rules are, how to work out what the limit is when it is not too apparent and importance of appropriate speed.

Case studies driver management