Fleet & Collision Data Analysis

Enhance your driver risk management data through integration of third party systems into CONTINUUM

Fleet Collision Data Analysis

Why should I consider my fleet and collision data?

Correct use of both fleet and collision data can allow organisations to establish baselines, benchmarks, and goals to keep moving forward.

Through working with TTC, we can analyse data to help make informed decisions, identifying problems, devising a strategic approach, implement and ultimately save
time and money.

Different information sources can be linked and analysed using recognised statistical techniques. As a result, trends are identified more quickly, collision costs are reduced and budgets are maximised.

How TTC's data analysis services will benefit your organisation?

  1. Collect:  Work with clients to understand which datasets are available
  2. Cleanse:  Datasets are assessed for data accuracy
  3. Analyse:  Initial techniques are applied, highlighting areas of interest
  4. Refine:  Further detailed analysis is carried out on
    these focal points
  5. Report:  Executive report is devised, findings summarised and suggestions made
  6. Manage:  Results are monitored, helping to illustrate
    return on investment

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