Driver Risk Profile

Profiling driver risk to help manage and mitigate risks to your driver and to your organisation

Why choose Continuum's Driver Risk Profile solution?

One of the first steps in managing any organisations driver community starts by assessing the individual risks and characteristics of each driver. TTC Continuum will invite all drivers to complete a 40 question driver risk profile, gathering accurate data from the following categories:

  • Driver Information
  • Driver History
  • Vehicle & Environment
  • Knowledge

Our market-leading Driver Risk Profile solution provides:

  • Intuitive Driver Risk Assessment taking less than 10 minutes to complete
  • Market-leading risk score algorithms created by
    industry experts and validated by data scientists
  • Key element of fleet compliance
  • Dashboard view of Driver Risk Profile for both driver
    and manager, all securely stored within the Continuum platform
  • Recommends most appropriate training solution to
    manage each driver’s risk
  • Creates individual personalised training plan
  • Enhanced dynamic risk profile influenced by completed or non-completed eLearning and training and from other data sources

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Why is Driver Risk Profiling important?

The Risk Score Profile forms a crucial element to each driver’s Compliance Check and the organisation’s overall Compliance Status.

The ability to understand and perform accurate Driver Risk Profiles provides organisations of any size and type to keep a full audit trail of compliance, a key requirement of a company’s ‘duty of care’ compliance (HSE).  Continuum will ensure that only fully compliant drivers will be issued with a digital “Permit to Drive” (P2D).

Algorithm-Based Driver Risk Assessment

Using our unique, market-leading algorithms created by Data Scientists, underpinned by extensive Department for Transport (DfT) research data, a Risk Profile Score is generated for each risk category.  

The results of each Driver Risk Assessment are used to produce an accurate and transparent Risk Profile Score.

Does a licence check affect my Driver Risk Profile?

Yes, the very first step in managing any organisation’s driver compliance starts by verifying each driver’s Driving Licence, confirming that the licence is current and that the driver is permitted to drive in the UK.

Following completion of the online eDeclaration, all Driving Licence check results are instantly recorded for each driver’s Risk Profile within the Continuum platform, providing a dynamic Risk Profile Score.

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