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TTC's Continuum platform provides real-time 24x7x365 driver & fleet risk data, helping to make managing any organisation’s fleet a much simpler process, drive decision making, and focusing fleet management resource to where it is needed most.

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Find out how the CONTINUUM platform can revolutionise how your organisation manages driver risk, compliance and training.

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TTC's Continuum platform -
A world first in driver safety

Providing organisations with business insight into their driver risk and compliance, aggregating driver and fleet data from any of TTC's products and services to provide world-leading driver risk management.

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CONTINUUM is the future of driver & fleet risk management solutions, integrating data from many sources including telematics, driver behaviour and in-vehicle technology, to deliver unparalleled insight into driver risk and compliance management through real-time dashboards and Management Information. With CONTINUUM; our online driver risk management platform, you can easily and quickly manage your entire driving community from a single online platform and ensure real-time compliance with HSE legislation.

Continuum is developed using the latest cloud technology to help manage your driver estate with ease from any internet connected device.

Live data, visual dashboards, tasks and alerts provide accurate insight into driver compliance, risk and learning activities.  

Continuum provides us with a continuous programme to ensure we manage our duty of care to employees.... Our drivers like it too...several have told me directly that they have changed the way they drive following the driver coaching. Working with TTC has helped us create a strong foundation for ensuring our drivers are safe, our vehicles are less damaged and our business is compliant.

Gina Hughes Health and Safety, Greenhous Group


The Continuum platform aggregates driver data in real-time from each of our products and services, enabling fleet managers to instantly understand:

  • Is my overall risk profile going up or down?

  • What risky behaviours are occurring most often within my business?

  • What employees are displaying those behaviours most often and how can I address this?

  • What incidents are happening right now that I need to respond to?

Continuum Products & Solutions

  1. coach driver steering wheel

    Permit to Drive

    Ensuring that only those drivers issued with a Permit to Drive are allowed access to your organisation's fleet resources

    Read more about Permit to Drive
  2. Mobile App Header

    Mobile App

    TTC Continuum's Mobile App for driving behaviour, telematics, vehicle condition checks and expense management

    Read more about Mobile App
  1. Manage your Compliance

    The TTC Continuum platform provides a fully integrated suite of products to ensure that your organisation is best placed to manage “Duty of Care”  COMPLIANCE under current UK legislation.

  1. Managing Risk with Enriched, Dynamic Data

    The TTC Continuum platform can further enhance your organisation’s driver and fleet RISK data by integrating a range of data sources.

  1. Learning Programmes

    TTC’s blended LEARNING opportunities are designed to supporting the pressures of any modern organisation, identifying and delivering the most appropriate LEARNING needs for each driver to help address specific higher-risk driving behaviours and attitudes.

  1. Managing driver risk the business benefits

    Whitepaper explores how a fleet and driver risk management programme delivers tangible business returns.

    Did you know that around 31% of fatal crashes in Britain involves someone driving for work and the hidden costs of a collision to a business can be between 4 and 32 times the ‘bent metal’ costs? 

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