Grey fleet management

Managing driver safety of employees using their own vehicle for work-related journeys

Do your employees use their own vehicle for a work-related journey, such as driving to meetings or undertaking errands? The vehicle being used needs to be verified roadworthy, legal and your employee needs to hold a valid driving licence, to ensure you are meeting Health and Safety compliance requirements. With driver consent, we can verify the status of the vehicle and confirm the owner has a valid motor insurance policy covering business use, MOT and road tax (if applicable).

  1. Reducing your administration and management time

    Our platform provides drivers with the ability to record, store and validate their vehicle details, giving fleet managers the confidence to manage compliance and monitor Grey Fleet documentation. 

    Grey Fleet drivers are required to enter their vehicle registration, make and colour and upload mandatory documentation for their vehicle. The platform, Continuum, automatically tracks expiry dates with drivers sent alerts and reminders to upload the current versions of, for example, proof of insurance.

  2. Driver licence checking

    The vehicle information is proactively managed and compliments the reporting of the driving licence verification service.

    Driver licence checking
  3. Permit to drive

    The Grey Fleet driver element links in directly with the Permit to Drive module, with a Grey Fleet driver’s current Permit to Drive being automatically revoked should any mandatory documents expire.

Benefits to your organisation

Driving documentsMinimise the risk of employees driving without a motor insurance, MOT or tax

Protect brandProtect your business and brand reputation in the event of an incident

Reduce administrationMinimise administration with proactive reporting from our platform

Ongoing checksElectronic and ongoing vehicle document verification process undertaken and expiry dates tracked

ReportingReporting on:

  • Vehicle detail status
  • Compliance status of all grey fleet vehicles
  1. Access to real time report

    Our online portal, Continuum, is easy to use. Access the dashboard anytime to view each driver’s grey fleet vehicle status.  Likewise we can provide driving licence verification through the same portal.

    Reports/alerts available:

    • Driver not signed up
    • Late vehicle registration number submission
    • Late upload of insurance certificate
    • Failed tax/MOT check
    • Failed vehicle insurance check
    • Vehicle insurance about to expire
    • Vehicle tax/MOT about to expire
  2. Who should use this service?

    All organisations employing staff who drive their own private vehicle or company car allowance (cash option) on business. Work-related journeys include meeting and errands.

Continuum provides us with a continuous programme to ensure we manage our duty of care to employees.... Working with TTC has helped us create a strong foundation for ensuring our drivers are safe, our vehicles are less damaged and our business is compliant.

Gina Hughes Health and Safety, Greenhous Group

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