Fleet risk audit and consultancy

Even the best-run fleets have room for improvement

Our Fleet Management Risk Audit is an essential starting point for any business embarking upon a risk management programme or reviewing existing policies, processes and working practices. Our audit provides a risk rating of work-related road safety.

How will it help your business?

The outcome of the audit will provide a current view and risk rating the business and its directors – face in the event of a serious road collision, and what mitigation can be deployed to reduce risk and improve driver safety.

Motorway vehicles in motion

Meet compliance requirementsMeet your duty of care
Mitigate the risk of a conviction for corporate manslaughter or hefty non-compliance fines

Reduce driver risksReduce driver risks and fleet costsReduce your drivers' risks
Insight provides areas to reduce driver risk, collision rates and fleet costs

Protect your reputation
Minimise the risk of the organisation's reputational damage following a collision

review fleet operations Independent review
Gives an independent professional review of your driver culture, implementation and adherence to company policies

Audit trail Peace of mind
Provides peace of mind as you have undertaken due care managing your fleet

risk exposureIndependent review Risk exposure detail
Appreciate the level of risk exposure to a collision and subsequent investigations by the police and/or Health and Safety Executive (HSE)

Every staff member had a positive response to the training attendees felt safe to discuss their individual behaviour and to partake in exercises and ask questions…I highly recommend TTC’s programmes.

Susan Moore Strategic Development & Conformity Manager, Glosta Engineering

The risk audit process

Our experienced risk consultants will visit your business and undertake an audit on how the fleet of vehicles and drivers are managed, what policies and procedures are in place, and more importantly, implemented, managed and maintained.

Our consultants will interview key members of staff responsible for managing the drivers and fleet and, where possible, meet some of the drivers and view operating practices. 

On conclusion of the review, you will receive a detailed audit report on our findings and any recommendations to consider. Through working in a collaborative manner we can work with you on the most appropriate solutions. Any such solution can involve access to consultancy services within the TTC Group or one of our partners or any other service provider.

What to expect on audit day

The audit takes approximately 3 hours to complete where our auditor will run through a series of questions and dialogue. We would recommend key stakeholders are on-site during the audit so they are on hand to answer any fundamental questions. The audit will culminate in a report for consideration and further discussion where necessary.

Summary of the audit process

Meet with relevant stakeholders (HR, health and safety, fleet management, operations, driver)

- Work through a structured questionnaire
- Analyse our findings
- Deliver a comprehensive report which includes:

  • Gap analysis
  • Recommendations
  • A costed proposal
Meeting with two business men

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