Driving licence check and verification services

TTC Continuum's driving licence check and verification service is performed through direct, secure links with the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) or the DVANI (Driver & Vehicle Agency Northern Ireland). All driving licence verification checks are 100% accurate and ensures your organisation meets Health and Safety “Duty of Care” compliance requirements.

Organisations must ensure all at-work drivers have a valid licence and are entitled to drive their category of vehicle. Failure to check this could put your company at risk and breaking HSE compliance law. Our road safety expert Andy Wheeler explains how a dedicated licence checking service can help fleet managers monitor their entire driving community.

Validate licences and identify high risk drivers instantly

Our easy to use web-based solution seamlessly validates the information within our online Driver Risk Management platform, Continuum. The system routinely checks employee driving licences on an agreed electronic frequency basis (typically determined by the number of points on the driver’s licence record).

The driving licence check data is fed into each driver’s risk profile within our Continuum platform – giving a driver 'risk score'.

Reporting reduces management time

The Continuum platform allows you to manage your drivers by exception. You can identify drivers which represent the highest and lowest risk. High risk drivers who accumulate penalty points are instantly flagged to your attention before they become a serious threat to your business.

The platform generates alerts and reduces your administration burden.

  1. Who should use this service?

    All organisations employing staff who drive on company business, whether driving a company vehicle or grey fleet (the employee’s private vehicle).

  2. Management reports easing the administration task

    • Licence status and entitlement
    • Licence validity dates and vehicle categories
    • Current endorsements and offence penalty points
    • Licence disqualification or revocation

The total number of driving licence holders with 9 penalty points on their record is 81,378. They are 3 points away from having their licence revoked.

DVLA, 4 May 2019

Our Process

  1. Gather information on our secure portal

    You provide us with basic driver data  email address, name and date of birth we then do the rest...

  2. Obtain drivers’ consent for licence check

    The driver receives an edeclaration and link to access our secure portal to commence the process by entering their licence number.

  3. Provide instant visibility of licence validity

    Licence validity is confirmed against DVLA or DVANI, and licence check is reported highlighting any issues or need for further engagement with the driver.