Driver risk management technology

Improves driver performance whilst reducing your management time with our online platform, Continuum

Managing work-related road safety is time-consuming, expensive and, if done incorrectly, can land you in serious trouble with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). With Continuum – our online driver risk management platform, you can easily and quickly manage your entire driving community from one platform and ensure compliance.

  1. One interface to manage entire driver community

    Continuum’s suite of services provides the complete lifecycle of compliance, administration and driver risk management. The cost-effective solution allows you to easily and quickly manage your entire driving community from one platform, which is flexible and scalable to meet your requirements. 

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...we liked the way we could manage all of the driver compliance through one simple to use platform. It automatically takes care of licence checks for us and profiles a driver’s risk score, which then allows us to tailor the training accordingly. This could be speed awareness, driving in certain conditions or understanding how technology works within a vehicle...with real-time information on an individual’s progress available at a touch of a button.

Gina Hughes, Greenhous Group

Single platformSecurely manage, control and profile all drivers and vehicle condition from one single platform 24/7/365

Insight into performanceReal-time insight on your entire fleet’s driving performance

dynamic informationAccess dynamic management information to make informed decisions about your fleet

Audit trailAudit trail of compliance and your company is ‘duty of care’ compliant (HSE)

high risk driversIdentify your high-risk drivers, quickly and accurately and tailor a training plan to improve driver performance

individualIndividualised driver management and training programmes for each driver

vehicle maintenanceQuickly identify vehicle issues and remedial action, directing drivers to preferred suppliers for maintenance or new parts to be ordered

driver travellingManagement of business travel expenses reducing administration and time

meet client requirementsFlexible and scalable solution to meet your business requirements

smartphone deviceNo additional hardware required Driver App is installed on a smartphone device

Driver App reduces management time of your fleet

  1. Driver behaviour and ‘targeted' learning

    Driver App records the driver’s on-road behaviour to deliver personalised learning to improve driving skills.

    Various driving events are recorded due to excessive speed, braking or cornering, for example, which will automatically trigger a relevant elearning ‘intervention.’ 

  2. Journey and travel expense management

    Driver App reduces the administration burden of managing business travel expenses both for the driver and managers.

    It provides tracking of staff journeys as either work-related or personal making it easier for expense management.

  3. Management of your fleet’s vehicle condition

    Driver App you can manage all your fleet’s vehicle condition and maintenance from one user interface.

    It quickly provides visibility of vehicle issues, such as illegal tyres, and the remedial action by directing drivers to preferred suppliers for maintenance or new parts to be ordered.

How the solution works

The platform has been designed to dynamically monitor and provide accurate Driver Management Information data, stored centrally within the Continuum platform. It tracks real-time performance of every aspect of an organisation’s driver risk management, with each driver and manager having their own registered user account and dynamic driver risk profile created on the system.

Targeted, tailored, training for each driver based on their 'risk profile'

For each driver a 'risk' score and training needs analysis is calculated using data from a driving licence check, risk assessment, training and telematics (where used by the customer), which will dynamically change the risk score of the driver. Continuum tracks driver compliance and tailors interventions and training based on the risk score, providing bespoke training solutions to reduce the number of poor driving events being recorded such as speeding.

The interventions might be short interactive elearning modules, videos, hints and tips, alerts, workshops or 1:1 on-road driver coaching and will be continuous – not one-off actions. We believe in ongoing engagement to influence behavioural change.

Every intervention is fed into Continuum to continuously contribute towards the updated driver risk score. For example, should the driver incur penalty points or be involved in a collision that is reported to us, their rating will increase. Likewise, if the driver completes training the rating will drop. If a driver ignores any alert to undertake a training intervention, then their rating will increase until such time that the intervention has been completed. Read more on driver assessment and profiling.

  1. Management information and reporting

    Manager reporting dashboards are available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 14 standard reports are included and custom reports can be built on request. 

  2. Compatible technology

    Continuum is compatible with all major browsers and can be accessed through Apple Mac and Windows systems, including mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones and other touch-screen technology.

Continuum’s suite of services provides the complete lifecycle of compliance, administration and driver risk management. Developing safer driver behaviours with one easy to use interface.

System features include:

  • Online driver risk assessment and profiling
  • Driving compliance check including medical fitness and valid licence
  • Online driver training including elearning and videos
  • Management of on-road and classroom learning
  • Manager access for overview of any potential issues identified
  • Grey fleet checks – business use insurance, valid MOT and Tax
  • Configurable setup including bespoke company structure
  • Manager and driver alerts

Continuum provides us with a continuous programme to ensure we manage our duty of care to employees.... Our drivers like it too...several have told me directly that they have changed the way they drive following the driver coaching. Working with TTC has helped us create a strong foundation for ensuring our drivers are safe, our vehicles are less damaged and our business is compliant.

Gina Hughes Health and Safety, Greenhous Group
  1. Managing driver risk the business benefits

    Whitepaper explores how a fleet and driver risk management programme delivers tangible business returns.

    Did you know that around 31% of fatal crashes in Britain involves someone driving for work and the hidden costs of a collision to a business can be between 4 and 32 times the ‘bent metal’ costs? 

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