Driver Post Collision coaching and workshop

Experiencing a collision or road incident is a traumatic experience to any driver and can have a detrimental effect on their confidence, well-being and future safety while driving.

The Health & Safety Executive now deem incidents and injuries following a road traffic collision as being an ‘at work’ injury and should be investigated by the employer.

After a collision, consideration should be given to business driving and working practices and if any changes to policy or additional advice or driver training is required to mitigate risk.

  • Duration: 7.5 hours
  • Delegates: 1:1 
  • Price: available on request
  • Format: Classroom workshop and on-road coaching
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Improving safety and meeting compliance

Reduce your drivers' risks
Coaching will restore any loss in confidence and reduce driver risk of a second collision.

Meet your duty of care
This course is designed to help you meet your duty of care obligations for those drivers involved in a collision or serious incident.

Improve your drivers’ on-road competence and knowledge
- Improve driver health & well-being following a collision or serious incident
- Review working and driving practices within the business to improve safety
- Making safe driving part of everyday life

I shall be even more aware and alert on the roads now and in the future. The way he [Mick] taught me makes me want to change my thinking and driving forever, not just for today

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Participant benefits

driving lawExplain why employers have a duty of care to employees following a collision or incident

driver steering wheelDemonstrate safe driving practices and implement the C.O.A.S.T. approach to driving

alertIdentify where most collisions occur

driving in carDemonstrate restored confidence in driving

thinkReflect on the causation factor of their collision or incident and could they have done something differently to avoid the incident?

Course details

Who should attend

Anybody involved in a road traffic collision/incident or following a series of collisions.

All vehicle categories covered. 

Delivery method

The course is facilitated by a professional fleet trainer who will get to know your driver by discussing their collision or incident and establishing their personal requirements from the course.

The course involves a 2 to 3 hour discussion and theory session followed by practical on-road training.  Where possible and if beneficial, the driver can revisit the location.

Course outline
  • Discussion around the drivers’ collision or incident
  • Factors affecting driving performance
  • Safe driving
  • Effective speed management
  • Coaching – setting the scene
  • Initial assessment
  • Debrief and discussion
  • Coaching session
  • Course review

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