Driver Impairment - Drink & Drugs

Developing safer driving behaviours

This interactive workshop leads drivers through a thought-provoking session on the effects and consequences of drink and drug driving. The course includes a knowledge check quiz and a detailed examination of the repercussions of impaired driving on the driver and the workplace.

This engaging workshop is highly effective in motivating drivers to change their behaviour and, in turn, protect your company against reputational damage.

  • Duration: 3.5 hours
  • Delegates: up to 16 drivers
  • Price: available on request
  • Format: classroom interactive workshop
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Improving safety and meeting compliance

Reduce your drivers' risks
Training will reduce driver risk, drink/drug driving and meet health and safety requirements​.

Meet your duty of care
Our courses are designed to help you meet your duty of care obligations.

Improve your drivers’ on-road competence and knowledge
- Develop an avoidance strategy
- Consequences of alcohol and drugs on driving performance
- The real cost to the driver and company

The delivery of the training, presentation methods and clarity of information were all superb. Driving whilst being impaired is a serious issue and, whilst our employees have always been engaged, the positive response we received after the training reinforced the fact we had made the right decision. They felt safe to discuss their individual decisions and readily took part in exercises and asked questions.

Susan Moore
Glosta Engineering, Strategic Development and Conformity Manager


Driver benefits

Explain the effects of alcohol and drugs on driving performance, including the risks associated with the 'morning after' scenario​.

Increased awareness of the mistaken beliefs surrounding prescription, over-the-counter and recreational drugs.

Explain the consequences of impaired driving on the driver, their workplace and other road users.

Formulate an avoidance strategy and be motivated to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Course details

Who should attend

Anybody who drives a vehicle for work purposes, including cars, vans, LCV (Light Commercial Vehicle), LGV (Large Goods Vehicle) or PCV (Passenger Carrying Vehicle).

Delivery method

The workshop is facilitated by a professional driver trainer who will fully engage with participants to maximise the learning experience and draw out participants' views and opinions.

Course outline

Size of the problem
The scale of the drink/drug driving problem in the UK and the effect of impaired driving on the driver and workplace.

Alcohol, drugs and driving for work
Drivers will explore how driving​ performance is affected by drugs and alcohol.

Consequences and strategies
Impact of a fatal or serious collision on society and ​support to formulate a ‘safe to drive’ strategy.

The 'morning after' scenario
Remind drivers of the risks associated with distracted driving and the effects of drink and drugs after the night before.

Case studies driver management