Driver Essentials workshop

Reducing fleet running costs

Driver Essentials is a series of 11 interactive workshops (20-30 minutes each) which can be taken at lunchtime or as part of​ a wider event within your organisation.

Our expert trainer will engage drivers by sharing important road safety advice designed to minimise driver risk and support you in meeting your duty of care obligations. ​

Choose any multiples of the workshops and run them back-to-back or over a few days.

  • Duration: 30 minutes per workshop module
  • Delegates: up to 16 drivers
  • Price: available on request
  • Format: classroom interactive workshop
  • Download workshop details

Marie was an excellent trainer and facilitator. Content was articulately delivered and she allowed participants to raise any concerns or challenges they had and responded both professionally and appropriately

Steven Larder Shell UK Limited

Driver benefits

Law complianceExplain the law, the impact and consequences of​ using a mobile phone while driving​.

Driving skillsUse defensive driving skills designed to reduce​ risk
and avoid dangers.

Explain driversExplain how smart motorways work and reduce​ the chances of committing an offence​.

Driving skillsDevelop driving observation skills contributing
towards a reduction in incidents.

Drink drivingUnderstand the law on drink-driving and how​
the ‘morning after’ scenario can affect them.

Driver riskIdentify ways to mitigate and reduce the risks
associated with speeding.

Course details

Who should attend

Anybody who drives a vehicle for work purposes, including cars, vans, LCV (Light Commercial Vehicle), LGV (Large Goods Vehicle) or PCV (Passenger Carrying Vehicle).

Delivery method

The workshop is facilitated by a professional driver trainer who will fully engage with participants to maximise the learning experience and draw out their views and opinions.

Course outline

Defensive driving
Set of driving skills designed to reduce risk and help drivers avoid dangers on the road by using safe driving practices.

Effective observation
Develop driver observation skills which can contribute towards a reduction in incident rates and prevent reputational damage.

Eco-safe driving
Develop eco-driving techniques to lower fuel usage and costs, prevent vehicle wear and tear and reduce vehicle maintenance.

Distractions  mobile phones
Reduce the risk of an incident or prosecution by ensuring drivers understand the law, the impact and consequences of using a mobile phone while driving.

Electric and hybrid vehicles
Identify different types of electric vehicles, ways to reduce energy consumption and help towards lowering your environmental impact.

Driver fatigue
What, why and when fatigue occurs – support drivers to develop a personal strategy to combat it and meet your duty of care obligations.

Alcohol impairment
Ensure your drivers understand the law on drink-driving and how the ‘morning after’ scenario can affect them  and meet your health and safety obligations.

Parking and manoeuvring
Reduce the possibility of causing death or serious damage to the vehicle by developing good parking and manoeuvring sense​.

Smart motorways
Understand how smart motorways work and develop a safe driving strategy to reduce the chances of your drivers committing an offence or being involved in an incident.

Speed management
Identify ways to mitigate and reduce the risks associated with being on the road​.

Winter driving
Snow and ice increase the risk of an incident – this engaging workshop will prepare your drivers for winter driving.

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